A BROKEN LEG; A BAD REHAB; COMPLICATIONS; and it's bye to my horse, my friend.

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    This thread is about lift and support harnesses for long-term horse rehabs. Sadly, if your horse breaks a leg it is highly likely to be euthanized. What we need are:

    1) Balanced lifting on all 4 hoofs for several weeks, nearly 24 hrs/day.
    2) This lifting must not create new problems, new complications.
    3) The horses must be provided the means to walk, simultaneously with the reduced weights on their hoofs.

    What we surprisingly lack in all of our rehab lift and support harnesses are:

    1) No existing harness system in the world provides for 1, 2, & 3.
    2) Our horses are being euthanized at very high rates because our rehab harness systems are systemically flawed. All of them.
    3) All of these systems leave the rear of the horse.................dangling.

    So, please look over the 3 attachments and challenge me on every single detail presented. "We have to recognize problems before we can attempt to solve them." However, does the anatomy of a horse, itself, stop us from ever finding a solution? donjdyson@gmail.com

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