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    Hi there,
    call me Wanderer. It was a name given to me because of my extensive amount of traveling. So, a little about me. I have been around horses my whole life (I know so have most other horse people). The first horse I fell in love with was a seal black TB by the name of Charlie. He was my first ride when I was 3 yrs old. From then on I always wanted a horse of my own. My mom tried scratching that itch with loaning a horse (with intent to buy but, owner and mom had a falling out so to speak), then riding lessons. I was such a natural in the saddle my instructor would let me ride the new horses before even she would get a chance.

    Anywho, my parents eventually abandoned my desire to excel in the horseworld and I was left to figure things out on my own. I watched countless hours of training videos (still do), and read just as many books. When we finally moved into the country my Grandpa in Wyoming (bless his heart) gave me my first horse. Now, my Grandpa raised Spanish Colonial Mustangs. He had one colt that nobody could handle that he deemed a good gift for a first time horse owner (haha). It was a challenge for sure. I had to learn to retrain him myself. I learned so much that I was never going to learn from a book, a video, or a dead broke lesson horse. Like: keeping your seat in a buck, haha. But, it sparked a passion to never give up on the hard horses. Ever since I took in rescues. Usually just one at a time that I would dedicate time to. I would train as best I could or just gentle them if that was what they needed. Then find them homes with people that could help them excel in a job the horse liked. Sometimes it was just to be a kids lead line pony. What I don't understand is why there seems to be this stigma towards people that just want to get a horse into working condition from poor condition (Mentally, physically or both) and find them better homes where they can truly shine.

    A little more about me. I am an artist as well and a photographer. I do natural photography but have been trying to get into equine photography and event photography. I have photographed a couple shows with great results. I'm also a writer with one finished piece getting ready for print. Since I am back in the Midwest again, I was really excited to find this forum. I hope to make some great friends (maybe some clients :) ) and maybe a riding partner. Hitting the trails or shows is so much more fun with a friend. Thanks for reading this long winded intro. I hope it was insightful and fun. I look forward to making friends with you all.