Abcesses! YUCK!

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  1. Joie

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    So, I knew Bogie had an abcess in his right front, but when my farrier came out today I asked him to give me his opinion of the right hind leg, too. He's been holding it funny this week, and it almost looked like it was his stifle or hip...not "lame" per se, but turned out wierd. Well, he had abcessed in BOTH right front at the toe (where I knew it was, but couldn't get to it. I am just not keen on being agressive with paring back those soles) AND his right hind had an abcess along the outside edge. No WONDER he was holding it like that. He was already much better after opening them up, but MAN are they huge. SO, in a stall he went, for lots of pampering and soaking and packing. I HATE abcesses.

    Anyway, my farrier commented that he's seen more than double the abcesses this year...WAY more than normal. Anyone else notice this?? I wonder why, if so...just pondering.

    Also, anyone have any favorite "recipes" for abcesses once they are open and draining?
  2. Jamik

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    A friend of mine has donkeys and her standard donkey has had three abcesses this year. Her farrier told her he has seen almost triple the abcesses he normally sees. What gives?

  3. Peggy Sue

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    I use magnapaste and keep in wrapped and turn out in a dry area the movement is suppose to help witht he draining

    I think we are seeing more abcesses because it rains rains rains then dries up and stays dry so the hooves are getting wet and soft then try to deal with the hard ground causing DEEP bruising
  4. AppyGSP

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    Sugardine...sugar and iodine.
  5. MyTeDun

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    I use a drawing agent and wrap it up with duck tape for a few days to make sure its kept clean

    After that flush the hole with iodine daily~

    Personally we have not had a single abscess all year. knock on wood!!!
  6. snaffle

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    I have read several postlings on other boards where there were complaints about abscesses...
    seemed to me that there were a lot of them.

    I have often read that raw potatoes.. cut up fine.. and packed into a boot will help draw out an abcess over night.