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  1. Pixin

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    Anyone else have a dog that seems to have problems with their glands? My poor little Allison is always dragging ass. I have the glands squeezed every couple months and they still drive her nuts. One side is always thick and hard and the other is just juicy. :p
    She had an infected gland over a year ago and now it looks like she has it again. Does she need more fiber in her diet?
  2. poodlelover

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    Isn't there a little surgical thing they can do? I thought some friends had that done to their dog.

    I do know some people who could help you shave her butt if that would be beneficial. ;D

  3. Sarah315

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    I have a friend whose dog had that problem in her later years. They had the glands removed when it became a chronic problem. The surgury was easy, just a couple stitches, and the dog was much more comfortable.
  4. Epona

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    I would try adding more fiber to her diet first. The surgery isn't always without complications. Personally I've found that more fiber and exercise will cure anal gland problems 8 times out of 10.

    Either try switching dog foods or you can add canned pumpkin to her food.
  5. snaffle

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    Does she have tape worms?

    What are you feeding? I never had dogs with anal gland problems until I fed Pro Plan Turkey and Rice.

    Vet said it couldnt possibly be the dog food.

    I switched dog foods .. it cleared up..

    then I got a coupon for a free 50 pound bag of it... and of course I got the dog food again..

    and the anal gland problem returned. Took the dog off the Pro Plan Turkey and Rice again..and the problem went away.

    I would try changing foods.
  6. Ponythief

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    My min pin has anal gland problems. Awhile back if I remember right Des posted a site about anal glands. It was funny but also helpful. I can't find it right off.
  7. Shadimac

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    I was just doing research on this myself, although not for dogs. For cats. From everything I read though, it sounds like fiber would be beneficial, and surgery would be a last resort.

    My little boy kitty, OMG! I don't think his get clogged, but he "excretes" them at awful times usually when he is right next to me. OMG.. . so .. . very. . .horrible. And of course the scent sticks. . .

    Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you? Smelly cat, smelly cat, its not your fault!
  8. Pixin

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    I do not want to have surgery done on her.

    I have used the can pumpkin in the past and will give that a try again.

    I also switch dog foods every few months. Right now she is on Royal Canin dry food. I have also used Merrick, Wellness, Natural Balance, Fromm and a few others. I cant remember which one she was on the last time she had an infection.