Another steal of the year

Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by cherokee, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. cherokee

    cherokee New Member

    Now why couldn't I have found this stuff before I went on vacation.

    A few days ago I decided to stop at the second hand stores in freeport. I saw a little
    cooler that plugs into electric or car and didn't buy it. I then went to another one
    and ended up buying an in like new condition camp cot for only 10.00.

    I thought about it on my way home and called the place that had the cooler and asked
    if they would hold it for me till today. I went back today to my surprise it had an original
    store tag on it of 69.99 I paid less than 25.00 for it. I was shocked to open the box
    and find it had never been used let alone gotten out of the box. YIPPEEE
    It only holds six cans but I thought when I take the two out for my saddle bags I can
    pop two in its place and just keep rotating.

    Just wish I would have found it before I left a few weeks ago.
  2. susiebk

    susiebk New Member

    I LOVE second hand stores....just got "Angel Horses" BRAND NEW for just 0.89 cents.....costs $13.99 new at the store.......I'm starting to Christmas shop for stuff there NOW.... ;D

  3. NutsEmom

    NutsEmom New Member

    We use our car cooler when we go down to TN and FL. The key we found was to take everything out at night and put it in a fridge, and UNPLUG the travel cooler!! We came out to a dead battery one morning. Thankfully it was at daughter's home and we got her husband to jumpstart the car. We keep it behind the driver's seat so that the passenger can wait on mean the driver.

    And thrift stores, we can hardly drive past one without the hubby saying STOP! He's a bargain addict.
  4. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    I am getting a new couch.. new recliner and new rocker...
    monday night it will be delivered.

    My husband says I deserve something new..
    I buy all our clothes at the thrift stores.. and purchased our last several pieces of furniture on ebay for Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate prices.

    Belgium Oak Table and chairs $200 ($2800 new)

    oak entertainment center $125

    Beautiful !!! Oak armoire $125

    3 book case wall unit $125

    pays to be a miser and be thrifty.. now I can get some new stuff!