Any legal guru's on here...seriously?

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    Long story short, I placed my 1st child for adoption in Feb 1991. Hardest decision I have/will EVER have to make. Anyway, he will be 18 on the 4th of Feb. Do I HAVE to register with the agency that handled the adoption, and what are my rights? When I signed the papers, it was an open adoption, but not so open that I even knew where/who adopted him, but I receive updates every year on his birthday with a picture, what he's doing, and a letter from his adoptive parents. We have sent him birthday cards with an update of our family every year. It is all in his file, but I don't know if he has to ask for the file, or if they just send it to him.

    We are happy to offer any info that we can to help him locate and reunite with me, but have no idea if he ever will. It is his decision, but I should know what to expect, if and when it happens.