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  1. Shell

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    Decided to make this a separate topic, instead of interfering on Buc's latest.
    Buc, I know I'm going a little off topic but it has to do with standard cost given to feed a horse based on recuses and your latest topic.
    As a boarder, I really don't know how many flakes average a bale of hay. I'm thinking around 9. At a average cost of $4.50 a bale.
    With that thought...

    Stated in your article $150 a month to feed a horse hay and grain.
    $150 sounds high for an average for just hay and grain. Unless their feeding one bale a day at $4.50 for 30 days ($135) and almost 4 lbs of grain a day, in a month per horse ($9-$12 x 2 = $18-$24) Total $153-$159

    The average fed to my horses who are boarded, is 6 good sized flakes a day and 2 lbs of grain per day. And their not starving.

    Which is why it kind of bothers me everytime an article is written, the average cost given of $150 to JUST feed one horse, is always considered the standard amount.

    I also know based on where your located the prices vary also. But their standard price can't account for all who feed a horse a basic diet. I wonder why they say it cost so much?

    Again, this is only based on what was written for hay and grain alone, per horse, per month. Nothing special added and no other care.

    Please educate me....again :)
  2. Shannon

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    There is NO WAY it costs $150/ month (at least in the midwest) to feed 1 horse. At our farm it does not cost that to Feed and Bed 1 horse/ month. (I keep good financial records on our farm and have to do year end reports every year for my boss).

    Perhaps they are including insurance, cost of facility, labor, and utilities?

  3. lori

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    I am too lazy to look up the original article. It's costing me about $60-70 with moderately pricey hay (2/5 bale per day) and moderately cheap grain (fairly easy keepers across the board, the most is about 6.5 lbs/day, concentrate is $10.50-12.50 I THINK). Those are FAIRLY low maintenance quarter horses.

    I know I've heard of higher maintenance horses getting 1 bale a day ($5*30=150) and what like 9+ lbs grain a day? That would easily be $150+/mo. Or if you can only feed senior feed--no hay? There was one horse I thought about that was costing $350-400 a month to feed. I could actually see $150 being an average. AND--I think we do have it cheap in the midwest.

    Are shavings included... that's what everyone is bitching about this week. Figure 8 bags/mo minimum or your boarders will cry, 8*5.25 (the price here, higher up north) = $42.
  4. sandburs

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    I did this figure when deciding whether or not to raise board charges so I have all new figures. Used to cost me about a dollar a day to feed one horse, easy keeper, 1/2 bale of hay daily, and 3lbs of grain. With todays prices and this is figuring 25lbs of hay daily, 6lbs of grain (winter months) daily, salt and mineral blocks and cost of electric for tank heaters, heated buckets, water, etc, costs about $80 per horse per month. Granted I have ponies who are on hay only, so only cost about $30 or so to feed, but I also have a few that are on supplements, two on senior, and they cost well above $100 a month to feed. Now if I add in deworming, fuel for the tractor and 4 wheeler, insurance costs, fencing, repairs and upkeep, etc. I can easily see an average pf $150 per horse being a fair average, especially if you consider your time being worth a few cents an hour!! And don't forget to average in your yearly vet bills, and barring any emergency calls, your still looking at an extra $100-200 a year for vet bills, teeth, etc. I was sorry I had added everything up, let me tell you. would be rich without the horses. Money wise anyway, but I wouldn't trade them for the money no way no how!
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    $150 a month------------rescue horse needing weight= Sr. grain $16 a bag, Beet pulp $12 a bag, hay $4 bale

    Misty eats 2 bags of sr. a week so that is 8 bags a month, 2 bags of beet pulp a month
    apples, carrots, shavings, supplement

    WAY over $150

    I realize not all horses are this expensive to feed------ most are much easier keepers.
  6. BUC

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    Rescue horses aren't a factor here, were talking average horses, hay and feed only.

    I do think the $150 is fair. I'm still reading some places paying as much as $12 a bale. I don't feed grain, just good hay which I got a hell of a deal on so it costs me around $60 a month for my 1 and 1/4 horses. It used to cost me an average of $100 per horse back when I was running several head, I fed top notch to everyone. Though $150 isn't conservative, I would call it a fair national average.
  7. Shell

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    Thanks Buc, for reinforcing what I was refering to.

    Guess I should have pulled the statement from your article....which is....
    "Feed costs in the area of $9 to $12 for a 50-pound bag, and the average horse will need $150 worth of feed a month."