Baby kicking

Discussion in 'The Corral' started by Tbitt, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Twistedwire and I watched this same thing..
    in one of our mares one year

    the most amazing thing.. is that the mare never acted uncomfortable

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    OK, I have a HILARIOUS story. In 2006 we bred a mare, experienced broodmare, nearly as wide as she is tall, even when not pregnant. We checked her, she was in foal, she's always been super straightforward so proceed as normal. Ok. I can't remember exactly when she was due, but about a month before she developed a bag. We watched her carefully. We put hands on her belly and could feel the baby kick, even see it sometimes. My sister and my mom came over and we brought this mare out so they could feel the baby kick. She was a mile wide, so obviously, she is pregnant. She has milk, so obviously she is pregnant.

    At a month past the due date, I called the vet. He said give her a week and bring her in. We brought in her in. NO BABY. She'd lost it MONTHS earlier and the tissue in her belly--which had never been big enough to cause kicks that we could feel--caused a false pregnancy which was what the milk was all about.

    I swear though, her belly was not quite bouncing like it is in that mini, but very obvious belly movements. Then I started watching the next nearest horse, my pony gelding, and every once in awhile I could SEE his belly flick too. ::) Not as much, but it was there.

    Anyway, that's my funny "baby kicking" story.
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    The last mare that foaled around here had a foal that would literally roll over and stretch. Was hilarious to watch this mares belly move!

    Geeszzzz I miss that
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    Ahhhh!!! What a tolerant little momma!!! Standing so quietly with all the shreiking and screaming and groping hands! :D

    An ick...the 'related' video of a naked chick's baby "awake at 2 am with baby's kicking" makes me want to yack. Pregnancy icks me out. :X
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    I agree "poor mom", but it is pretty cool!