Chicken ... egg...hatching question

Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by snaffle, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. snaffle

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    I have never been able to figure out what mother nature is thinking..
    when she has hens lay eggs in February!!

    they freeze.. crack...

    What makes her think that those eggs would be any good for a hen to set on and hatch? Chicks would have a hard time living.. IF they even were able to hatch..
    during our february and march temperatures.

    My question is..
    what temperature is TOO cold..
    to keep eggs and try to hatch them in an incubator?
  2. BUC

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    I don't think there is a "too cold".

    I've hatched them both inside and outside all year around. We used to have close to 200 chickens at one time...we thinned out the heard about 7ish years ago (ok, a herd of coons did but we never replenished). I had a couple of large boxes built in the coop. I'd collect 12-14 eggs, throw them in the box with some straw and toss a good sitting hen in with them. They always hatched and did fine even in the middle of cold winter.

    We also gatherd and incubated inside all winter. I actually had more fatalities doing it that way. I'd have to keep the chicks inside until the had some size to them...but when they went out with the flock they got picked on...only the tough survived.

    With the ones hatched outside I kept them in the boxes with mom until the chicks were about a week old then set them back with the flock. Mom does a great job protecting and also keeping them warm, you'd be amazed how far up in their moms wings those chicks can wiggle. The survival rate was MUCH higher.

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    i second that . . .
  4. snaffle

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    if the temperature is 20 outside..
    and I gather up the eggs around 4:00
    as long as they aren't cracked.. I could put them in an incubator?

    and probably have good luck ?

    um... brilliance..

    your the avatar um..

    I am speechless ;)
  5. BUC

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    If I'm wanting to gather to incubate in the winter I go out several times a really don't want the inside temp of the egg to drop below 60. Your hatch rate will decrease if they get to cold.
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    ***BWAAAA!!!**** I have tears in my eyes!!! THAT is hilarious!!!!
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