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    that kinda makes me sad... i could care less about adult chickens getting their heads chopped, but the little babies on the belts, kinda makes me upset! poor little things! i couldn't have that job of sexing them... i'd be playing around with them way too much. And then the way they just fly them down the schute... poor babies...

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    :th_agree: :th_ditto: :'( :'( :'(
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    I am simply speechless!!

    when I have chicks hatching here.. either by incubator or hen..
    I am so careful with those chicks..

    I am just shocked at the way they are moved around at the hatchery!!

    good grief..
    could you see peta or the humane society people going bonkers over that!!
  4. PT

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    Poor babies!
  5. snaffle

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    There was a local hatchery near us when I was a kid..
    they hatched out leghorns..

    the sorters.. would toss the male chicks into trash cans.
    I was told that it was a pretty sickening sight to see those trash cans full of peeping chicks.

    well.. at least the ones on top were still cheeping. :-
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