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  1. Shadimac

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    So Yorkville's new city ordinance states that if your dogs AND cats are outside, they have to be on a leash.

    I just want to get other people's thoughts on this.

    Have at it.
  2. ashley4219

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    well i guess i understand it... but my indoor/outdoor cat would soon become indoor only. He's so bad! He rips apart every window furnishing in the house down if we don't let him out. Stupid me for "saving" a stray cat.

    My dogs i put a catch leash on, but i'm rarely attached to the end... If i see someone, i recall them and pick up their leashes as we walk past. But honestly walking three aussies on leashes when they are all bred with herding instinct, i find myself going crazy! I don't think they can walk a straight line if their life depended on it while they are together. By themselves one at a time I don't have a problem.

  3. Shell

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    Inside city limits, it's understandable. Most city's have that law anyways. And a reason why dog parks were established.
  4. MelW

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    silly question, but does thing include fenced yards? because i have been given sh*t for that with my roommates the yard...
  5. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    More and more cities are coming up with more and more rules.

    Very often there are rules on the books.. but no one enforces them..
    so they have problems..

    Then.. someone behind a desk.. figures they can stop the problems by writing more rules.

    Our local town was over run with cats..
    the mayor came up with a city ordinance saying no loose cats.. and the wild cat population became almost non existent.

    Now people are complaining about the wild rabbits that have taken over the town.

    I am all for ordinances to keep animals (pets) from running loose.

    What about those that are in fenced in yards?

    Actually.. I feel that IN the city limits..
    there should be no dogs that are tied to dog houses.. or kept in any type of enclosure where they live 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
    except a house. (um... people house ;))
  6. lori

    lori New Member

    This is based on the assumption that city limits only cover true city like properties. Nothing rural.

    A nearby city recently tried or did create an ordinance like that because one neighborhood had an out of control cat problem. I don't think they enforce it to the extent of picking up loose cats, unless it is an animal that is causing a problem. Incidentally--that same city does have several feral cat colonies that have been TNR'd, but once they are all altered it quickly becomes a more managable situation.

    I don't know, if you REALLY love your cat you'll keep her inside because the odds are so much worse for outdoor kitties. If you want to have a cat that goes outside, it 100% should be spayed/neutered. I'd be more in favor of leashed dogs and unaltered kitties on a leash (or in the house), but obviously its pretty hard to spot check which loose cats are unfixed, so I'm fine with that law.

    I am pretty sure leash laws only apply to animals not contained within a fence.
  7. HorseFarm

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    Actually according to Will County AC and the court system no matter where you live within the county your dogs are suppose to be leashed. They don't always enforce the law, but it is there for when they are having a problem with people and loose dogs.
  8. Shadimac

    Shadimac New Member

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    I can understand the dog rule.

    But the cat thing, although I agree with the reason for it, I can see where it creates a problem for the cat. I'm all for keeping the feral pet population to a minimum but I'm not sure this is the best way to do it. Somebody mentioned "if you truly love your cat, you'll keep them inside" but there are some kitties that just HAVE to be outside once in awhile, or they are not happy. I've known many like this, and they go to the greatest lengths to get outside, despite your efforts to keep them in.

    My mom tragically lost her favorite cat (neutered and up to date on shots) this way, but she couldn't keep him in. He actually was in for 3 weeks after massive rains had flooded her area, but when it finally stopped raining and dried a little, she let him out, and he never came back home. She wanted him to be an indoor cat, but he wasn't happy as a strictly indoor kitty.

    I wish it was as simple as keeping an animal on a leash at all times, but I don't think it is that simple. We live in a subdivision, which was placed right in the middle of a bunch of farms. So sure, there are kitties roaming the streets in the area, that may or may not belong to the subdivision.