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    Can you help me combine a list of color breeds?
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    PHBA (palomino)
    IBHA (buckskin) - I think there's another one, too?
    PtHA (pinto)
    APHA (Paint) also see above
    ApHA (appaloosa)
    ? (POA) - app ponies, but it should qualify, I'd think

    There's probably been 10 more added since I was following that kind of stuff, but hope this helps!

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    Rocky Mountain
    Spotted Saddle horse
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    List of horse breeds
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    Contents [hide]
    1 Horse breeds
    2 Pony breeds
    3 Color "breeds"
    4 Types of horses
    4.1 Modern types
    4.2 Archaic types
    5 Extinct species and breeds
    5.1 The "Four Foundations" wild prototypes
    5.2 Extinct breeds
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    Light or saddle horse breeds
    Heavy or draft horse breedsThis page is a list of horse and pony breeds, and also includes terms used to describe types of horses that are not breeds but are commonly mistaken for breeds. A breed is defined generally as a viable true-breeding population, and its members are called "purebreds." In most cases, bloodlines are recorded with a breed registry. However, in horses, the concept is somewhat flexible, as open stud books are created for fairly new types of horses that are not yet fully true-breeding. There are also a number of "color breed", sport horse, and gaited horse registries for horses with various phenotypes or other traits, which admit any animal fitting a given set of physical characteristics, even if there is minimal or no evidence of the trait being a true-breeding characteristic.

    For additional information, see horse breeding and the individual articles listed below. Additional articles on different breeds may be listed under Category:Horse breeds and Category:Types of horses.

    [edit] Horse breeds
    Main article: Horse
    Horses are members of Equus caballus that generally mature to be 14.2 hands (58 inches (150 cm)) or taller, but many breed registries do accept animals under this height and classify them as "horses," as horse characteristics include factors other than height. For the purposes of this page, if a breed registry or stud book classifies the breed as a horse, it is listed here as a horse, even if some representatives are pony-sized or have some pony characteristics.

    Abaco Barb, see Barb (horse)
    Abyssinian (horse)
    Albanian (horse)
    Altai (horse)
    Alter Real
    American Cream Draft
    American Indian Horse
    American Paint Horse
    American Quarter Horse
    American Saddlebred
    American Warmblood
    Andalusian horse some bloodlines also called Pura Raza Espaola (PRE) or Pure Spanish-bred
    Andravida (horse)
    Anglo-Norman horse
    "Appendix," see American Quarter Horse
    Arabian horse
    AraAppaloosa, also called Ara-Appaloosa, Arappaloosa or Araloosa
    Ardennes (horse), or Ardennais
    Argentine Criollo, see Criollo (horse)
    Australian Brumby, see Brumby
    Australian Draught Horse
    Australian Stock Horse
    Austrian Warmblood
    Avelignese, see Haflinger (horse)
    Azteca (horse)
    Balearic (horse)
    Balikun (horse)
    Baluchi (horse)
    Banker Horse
    Barb (horse)
    Bashkir Curly, see Curly horse
    Bavarian Warmblood
    Belgian (horse)
    Belgian Warmblood (includes Belgian Half-blood)
    Black Forest Horse, also called Black Forest cold blood or Schwarzwlder Kaltblut
    Boulonnais horse
    Brabant, see Belgian (horse)
    Brazilian Sport Horse (Brasileiro de Hipismo)
    Breton (horse), or Trait Breton
    Budyonny (horse) or Budenny
    Byelorussian Harness
    Calabrese (horse)
    Camargue (horse)
    Camarillo White Horse
    Canadian Horse
    Canadian Pacer
    Carolina Marsh Tacky
    Carthusian horse
    Castilian Horse
    Chilean Horse
    Cleveland Bay
    Clydesdale (horse)
    Colonial Spanish Horse, see Types of Horses, below
    Colorado Ranger
    Comtois (horse)
    Cretan horse, see Messara
    Criollo (horse), also spelled Crioulo
    Cuban Criollo (horse)
    Curly Horse
    Czech warm blood
    Danish Warmblood
    Danube Delta horse
    Dole Gudbrandsdal, also called Dole, Dole Trotter or Dlahest
    Don, see Russian Don
    Dutch Heavy Draft
    Dutch harness horse
    Dutch Warmblood
    East Bulgarian
    East Friesian (horse), see Ostfriesen/Alt-Oldenburger
    Estonian Draft
    Falabella (horse)
    Faroese or Faroe horse, see Faroe pony in pony section
    Finnhorse, or Finnish Horse
    Fleuve, see Fouta
    Fjord horse also called Norwegian Fjord Horse
    Florida Cracker Horse
    Fouta or Foutank
    Frederiksborg horse
    Friesian cross or Friesian Sport Horse
    Friesian horse
    Friesian Sporthorse (not the same as Friesian cross)
    Galiceno or Galiceo
    Gelderland (horse)
    German Warmblood or ZfDP, see Types section, below
    Groningen Horse
    Gypsy Vanner horse, sometimes called "Coloured Cob"
    Hackney (horse)
    Haflinger (horse)
    Hanoverian (horse)
    Heck horse
    Heihe (horse)
    Hispano (horse) also known as Spanish Anglo-Arab
    Holsteiner (horse)
    Hungarian Warmblood
    Icelandic horse
    Indian Half-Bred
    Irish Draught, also spelled Irish Draft
    Irish Sport Horse
    Italian Heavy Draft
    Jutland (horse)
    Kabarda (horse), also known as Kabardian or Kabardin
    Kaimanawa horses
    Karabakh horse also known as Azer At
    Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse
    Kiger Mustang
    Kinsky horse
    Kisber Felver
    Latvian (horse)
    Lipizzan or Lipizzaner
    Lithuanian Heavy Draught
    Lyngshest, see Nordlandshest/ Lyngshest
    M'Bayar, see Fouta
    Mangalarga Marchador
    Marwari horse
    Mez?hegyesi sport-horse (sportl), also called Mez?hegyes felver, see Hungarian Warmblood
    Metis Trotter, see Russian Trotter
    Miniature horse
    Misaki, see pony section
    Missouri Fox Trotter
    Mongolian Horse
    Morgan horse
    Mustang (horse)
    Murakoz horse, Murkozi, or Murakzi l (Hungary)
    National Show Horse
    Nez Perce Horse
    Nokota horse
    Noma, see Noma pony, in Pony section
    Nonius (horse)
    Nordlandshest/ Lyngshest
    Noriker horse, also called Pinzgauer
    North Swedish Horse
    Norwegian Fjord, see Fjord horse
    Oberlander Horse
    Oldenburg (horse), also spelled Oldenburgh
    Orlov trotter
    Pampa horse
    Paso Fino
    Peruvian Paso, sometimes called Peruvian Stepping Horse
    Pleven (horse)
    Poitevin (horse) also called Mulassier
    Przewalski's Horse, also known as Takhi, Mongolian Wild Horse or Asian Wild Horse. (Species, not a "breed" but here for convenience)
    Quarter Horse, see American Quarter Horse
    Racking horse
    Rhenish-German Cold-Blood also known as Rhineland Heavy Draft
    Rhinelander (horse)
    Rocky Mountain Horse
    Rottaler, see Heavy warmblood
    Russian Don
    Russian Heavy Draft
    Russian Trotter
    Saddlebred, see American Saddlebred
    Salerno (horse breed)
    San Fratello (horse)
    Sardinian (horse), also known as Sardinian Anglo-Arab
    Selle Franais
    Shagya Arabian
    Shire horse
    Sokolsky horse
    Soviet Heavy Draft
    Spanish Jennet Horse, not to be confused with the historic Jennet or Spanish Jennet (see Archaic types, below)
    Spanish Mustang
    Spanish Tarpan, see Sorraia
    Spotted Saddle horse
    Standardbred horse
    Suffolk Punch
    Swedish Ardennes
    Swedish Warmblood
    Swiss Warmblood
    Tchernomor, see Budyonny (horse)
    Tennessee Walking Horse
    Tersk horse
    Tinker horse, see Gypsy Vanner horse
    Tiger Horse
    Tori (horse)
    Trait Du Nord
    Tuigpaard, see Dutch harness horse
    Ukrainian Riding Horse
    Unmol Horse
    Ventasso Horse (Cavallo Del Ventasso)
    Virginia highlander
    Vladimir Heavy Draft
    Vyatka, see pony section
    Waler horse, also known as Waler or Australian Waler
    Warmblood, see "Types of horses" below, or individual warmblood breed articles
    Welsh Cob (Section D), see Welsh pony
    Westphalian (horse)
    Wrttemberger or Wrttemberg
    Xilingol horse
    Yili horse
    Yonaguni (horse)
    emaitukas, also known as Zemaituka, Zhumd, Zhemaichu, or Zhmudk, see Pony section.

    [edit] Pony breeds
    Main article: Pony
    Ponies are usually classified as animals that mature at less than 14.2 hands. However, some pony breeds may occasionally have individuals who mature over 14.2 but retain all other breed characteristics. There are also some breeds that now frequently mature over 14.2 hands due to modern nutrition and management, yet retain the historic classification "pony." For the purposes of this list, if a breed registry classifies the breed as a "pony," it is listed here as such, even if some individuals have horse characteristics.

    (Please note: Because of this designation by the preference of a given breed registry, most miniature horse breeds are listed as "horses," not ponies)

    American Shetland, see Shetland pony
    American Walking Pony
    Anadolu pony also called Anadolu Ati
    Ariegeois pony also called Merens Pony or Arigeois
    Assateague Pony, see Chincoteague Pony
    Asturian pony, see Asturcon in horse section
    Australian Pony
    Australian Riding Pony
    Bali Pony
    Bardigiano Pony
    Bashkir Pony
    Basque Pony
    Basuto pony, also spelled Basotho pony
    Batak Pony
    Bhutia Pony, also Bhotia, Bhote ghoda, Bhutan, Bhutani, Bhutua see Indian Country Bred
    Boer Pony
    Bosnian Pony
    British Riding Pony, see Riding Pony in "types of horses" section
    Burmese Pony
    Carpathian Pony, see Hucul Pony
    Caspian pony
    Chincoteague Pony
    Chinese Guoxia
    Connemara pony
    Czechoslovakian Small Riding Pony
    Dales Pony
    Deli pony
    Dartmoor pony
    Deutsches Reitpony see German Riding Pony
    Dulmen pony
    Eriskay pony
    Exmoor pony
    Falabella, see Falabella (horse) in horse section
    Faroe pony
    Fell Pony
    Flores pony, see Timor Pony
    French Saddle Pony
    Galician Pony
    German Riding Pony, also called Deutsche Reitpony or Weser-Ems Pony
    Gotland Pony
    Guizhou pony
    G?o-xa pony, see Chinese Guoxia
    Hackney pony
    Highland Pony, see also Garron
    Hokkaido Pony
    Hucul Pony
    Hunter Pony, see "types of horses" section
    Icelandic pony, see Icelandic horse in horse section
    Indian Country Bred
    Java Pony
    Kazakh Pony
    Kerry bog pony
    Landais Pony
    Lijiang pony
    Lundy Pony
    Manipuri Pony
    Merens Pony, see Ariegeois pony
    Miniature horse, see horse section
    Miyako Pony
    Narym Pony
    New Forest Pony
    Newfoundland pony
    Noma pony
    Nooitgedacht pony
    Northlands Pony
    Ob pony also called Priob pony
    Peneia Pony
    Petiso Argentino
    Pindos Pony
    Poney Mousseye
    Pony of the Americas
    Riding Pony, see "types of horses" section
    Sable Island Pony
    Sandalwood Pony
    Sardinian Pony, see Sardinian horse
    Shetland pony
    Skogsruss, see Gotland Pony
    Skyros Pony
    Spiti Pony, see Indian Country Bred
    Sumba and Sumbawa Pony
    Tibetan Pony
    Timor Pony
    Virginia highlander, see horse section
    Vyatka (horse)
    Welsh pony
    Welsh mountain pony (Section A), see Welsh pony
    Welsh pony (Section B), see Welsh pony
    Welsh pony of cob type (Section C), see Welsh pony
    Yakut Pony
    Yonaguni, see horse section
    Zaniskari pony
    emaitukas, also known as Zemaituka, Zhumd, Zhemaichu, or Zhmudka

    [edit] Color "breeds"
    Main article: Color breed
    There are some registries that accept horses (and sometimes ponies and mules) of almost any breed or type for registration. Color is either the only criterion for registration or the primary criterion. These are called "color breeds," because unlike "true" horse breeds, there are few other physical requirements, nor is the stud book limited in any fashion. As a general rule, the color also does not always breed on (in some cases due to genetic impossibility), and offspring without the stated color are usually not eligible for recording with the color breed registry. The best-known color breed registries are for the following colors:

    Buckskin (horse)
    Pinto horse
    White (horse)s are registered in the United States with the American creme and white horse registry, which was once called an "Albino" registry until it was understood that true albino does not exist in horses. (see White (horse) for details)
    There are breeds that have color that usually breeds "true" as well as distinctive physical characteristics and a limited stud book. These horses are true breeds that have a preferred color, not color breeds, and include the Friesian horse, the Cleveland Bay, the Appaloosa, and the American Paint Horse.

    from Wikipedia. They make sense.
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  6. lori

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    Buckskins can also be IBRA and ABRA in addition to IBHA.

  7. photofinish

    photofinish Senior Member

    LOL, I know I've been away from it awhile! I am positive there were only 2 buckskin associations way back when! I remember reading in the Western Horseman's breed issue one year and there was a new association for Gray and Roans....

    Oooh, ooohh, isn;t there some association for brindle horses, too?
  8. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    t- Rocky Mountains are not considered a color breed...

    thanks for trying! ;)
  9. desederada

    desederada New Member

    Rocky Mountain Spotted Saddle horse ;)
  10. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    well that makes the picture look different
  11. JenR

    JenR Formerly Underworld Queen

    There needs to be a "That There's One Funky Colored F-er" horse registry, would make things a lot simpler should think.
  12. Tbitt

    Tbitt Most beloved member of MW

    The Rocky mountain was started as a color - Now, the animal does have to be certrified (gait wise) but it WAS started as a color. The orig sire was Toby and bred for his color and nothing else.
  13. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    I learned more about that breed tbitt!!

    Spotted Mountain Horses... not Rocky...

    It can really get confusing!

    Here is what I received in an email from a breeder. I have edited some of it ;)

    "There are four main mountain horse registries, Rocky Mountain, Mountain Pleasure, Kentucky Mountain and now Spotted Mountain. All started from the same foundation stallions and mares but differences of opinion caused them to start their own registries.

    Mountain Pleasure is the smallest group.

    Rockies may be a little more high strung horses due to the breeding for the chocolate color.

    Kentuckies left their registration open the longest of the first three, just to keep the blood lines a little more diversified.

    The Spotted Mountains are actually more of an offshoot of the Kentuckies. Their registry is still open to build up the ranks. That's why you'll see Spotted Mountains that are dual registered with Spotted Saddle Horses. "

    hey Tammy... don't you own one of these breeds?
  14. Tbitt

    Tbitt Most beloved member of MW

    No, I own a Tennessee Walker (TW)..........

    I almost bought a Rocky..........once, but I declined.

    Spotted Saddle horses came from "wrong colored" :p TW............. ::)
  15. MidnightHill

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    There is also now the "Roan Horse Association" ;D
  16. Shannon

    Shannon New Member

    Did anyone mention the blue eyed horse registry?? yet? too hard to read all the posts on my cell
  17. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    no Shannon, no one mentioned the blue eyed registry before you ;)
  18. jimbob

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    Did Frank Sinatra start this registry??
  19. JenR

    JenR Formerly Underworld Queen

    I've heard of it -- even went and googled and yep, there it was. Another momument to P.T. Barnum's immortal phrase ::)
  20. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    Interesting that Wikipedia says the Paint horse is not a color breed, and I have seen many Paints in the local color breed classes :-