Curious to how much your shopping budget is for Christmas?

Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by MyTeDun, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. MyTeDun

    MyTeDun Senior Member

    How much do you spend on Christmas presents? (total budget)

    do you only buy for your immediate family or do you give to extended family?

    Average per person? (kids, parents)

    We have a small family--- my mom, 2 brothers, 2 sons, dil, grandson, hubby's parents and son

    Add a few friends and I'm done! Can't forget the dog!!!
  2. AKPonygirl

    AKPonygirl New Member

    Since it is only the hubby and me.. our X-mas budget is based on just the two of us... We don't send anything out of state because it would break our bank!! LOL but throughout the year we send stuff to family. The Grandparents always get something.. and since Santa lives down the road from us, we have to make sure we give him the younger family members lists and make sure they get Santa letters ;)

    We make sure everyone gets a phone call on Christmas Eve.

  3. Brilliance

    Brilliance New Member

    All in all about $2,000 . . .

    2 Sisters, 1 Brother, 1 brother in law, my parents, his dad, 3 picked names from the aunts/uncles/cousins

    this year will be adding a new neice or nephew

    We dont buy for his brother/family

    2 secret Santas

    1 for my boss 1 for work name exchange 1 for my bestest work buddy

    1 for my 4-h'er

    I also cook xmas dinner at my parents for abt 15 ppl . . . .prime rib we get two 15#'ers and there is barely anything left.
  4. CBaut

    CBaut New Member

    We spend roughly $4k a year on Christmas. This is for our parents, our kids, nieces/nephews and each other.

    Next year, this HAS to change. Way too much friggin dough.
  5. MyTeDun

    MyTeDun Senior Member

    WOW Cbaut that is one hell of a budget!

    Mine has shrunk this year---- most likely will stay under $1K, last year it was $1700
  6. Shelley

    Shelley Senior Member

    I have no idea how much we'll spend this holiday season. No where near what y'all have stated. Probably $300-400 bucks. We are on a real tight budget this year and really can't afford much more than that.
  7. equusteacher

    equusteacher New Member

    Yep! We are keeping the lid on spending this year. We have also told all the family to skip us or keep it "cheap".
    No one in the family h as a lot of extra cash right now and no one needs to be bying a bunch of crap.
    We'll probably spend about $400. That includes, my mom, son and DIL + grandson, his mom and dad, 2 brothers / SIL's and their 2 kids.
  8. Mass

    Mass Senior Member and Masscaster

    Zero. My Mom and sister agree, we will get together and have a good time, but not put a strain on each others budget.
  9. poodlelover

    poodlelover Moderator

    Not sure what it'll be, but it'll be much smaller than previous years. I'm going to try and make some stuff and have stocking stuffers that I got after Christmas last year.

    No job = no holiday budget.
  10. lori

    lori New Member

    LOL, well are we talking budget, or what actually gets spent?
  11. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    When my kids were young I hated Christmas shopping.
    Our saving would be emptied and the credit cards would be used.

    Now that they are older, they each get (and the spouses) a $100 bill and a gift bag with about $50 worth of small necessary items...

    We do not buy for nieces, nephew.. cousins or anyone else other than our own parents.

    Employers and the mail lady.. and any one else who gets added to the list when Christmas gets close.. will get a Christmas ornament that I make..

    When I was first married.. his side of the family got carried away wanting to buy for EVERYONE.. I stopped that before the next Christmas came along.
    We work too hard for our money.. and need too many things for our own home..
    to justify spending hundreds of dollars on other peoples gifts..and then getting stuff that we really do not want or need :p
  12. cherokee

    cherokee New Member

    My family and my hubby's family has always felt christmas is for the kids.

    We buy for our daughter, my neices and nephew on my side and the little nieces, nephew
    and great nephews on his side. altogether we will probably spend about six hundred.

    I try to do xmas cards every year. two years ago we put a family pic of us with
    the two dogs and cherokee inside. We will probably either do that again this year
    or I will do a yearly letter update (haven't decided)

    daughter wants a laptop told her if she got one it would be the ONLY thing she gets.
  13. CBaut

    CBaut New Member

    Oh trust me, our "budget" is a lot smaller then that. But, that's usually what gets spent, unfortunately. I'm already 80% finished this year with shopping, but next year, I will make sure we spend 1/2 that.

    Though, really, we have about 20 people to buy for, so you have to expect the $ amount to be high.
  14. PT

    PT New Member

    I'm really pinched this year, and depresses me to think about it :'(
  15. Angien

    Angien New Member

    I am pinching pennies this year.
    Some may think it is cheap ,but it is not the gift that counts.
  16. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    Some of the BEST gifts to give.. (and inexpensive)
    are those home made ones..

    An assortment of home baked cookies..

    OR a jar with the dry ingredients for a batch of cookies.. with the recipe attached.. and a pretty rafia ribbon tied around the top.
  17. Pixin

    Pixin New Member

    Every year we say we are cutting back but then still go overboard. I usually end up spending 1500 plus. Not happening this year. I told the BF that we should just buy ourselves something we want. His dad and sister dont want to exchange this year either! YAY! I hate shopping and never know what to buy anyone.
    My mom and dad are the hardest to buy for. My mom is almost blind and diabetic and has everything. Anyone got some ideas of what I could get her? :) She doesnt wear jewelry.
  18. MyTeDun

    MyTeDun Senior Member

    hummmmmmm I see one gift I can cut back on ........yeah right, its already figured out

    I love making things, it keeps the gift personal

    I usually buy lots of little things for everyone, lots to open------

    my sons get silly things like socks, framed pics, favorite goodies
    Dil gets things like candles, recipes, scrubs (she's a nurse)

    I enjoy going out and finding this stuff and then stuffing boxes.
  19. twinkle

    twinkle New Member

    Pixin,would she like a special "girls day" with you. Maybe a manicure and lunch or hair done and lunch,,,hmmm somehow food is always in my plans.