Dental insurance

Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by snaffle, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    Do any of you have your own dental insurance?
    (not through an employer)

    I am thinking about getting some.. got a flyer in the mail yesterday for Physicians Mutual..
    but holy cripe!!

    It could cost almost $600 per year for my and DH..
    and I don think their coverage is very much..
    unless the dentist I am going to is a total rip off ::)
  2. Morganfan608

    Morganfan608 New Member

    I have no insurance at all don't have dental or optical (which sucks) at least they have health insurance. Since we were self employed, we had to get health insurance on our own and policies w/dental/optical were pretty expensive.

  3. Pixin

    Pixin New Member

    I think $600. a year is pretty resonable considering the cost of a crown is $600-$800. each.
  4. Buffy

    Buffy New Member


    I just chipped a bottom tooth, towards the back about an hour ago. My tongue hurts and I am NOT looking forward to the dental visit tomorrow. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  5. equusteacher

    equusteacher New Member

    $600 for both of you?
    I too think that is a good deal for independant coverage.
    Depends on what it all covers.
  6. Shelley

    Shelley Senior Member

    We would need to know the deductible and maximum yearly benefit they will pay to know if 600 is a good deal. When I had dental through my last job, I think I paid about the same. Crowns were covered at 50% and the maximum yearly benefit was 1500 so that didn't buy much extensive work. The deductible was 50/person. It was better than nothing. I worked at a major pharmaceutical company so I guess dental health wasn't high on their list of priorities.

    Funny former employer came out with a new blood glucose meter for diabetics to use. Guess whose insurance wouldn't cover it? What a faux pas. They changed their policy shortly thereafter but it was still kind of funny that it happened in the first place.
  7. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    There is no deductible to meet.

    Yearly benefits per person $1,250

    xrays.... $12 for 2 films
    $19 for 4 films


    exam ...$21

    metal filling $41

    extraction.... $35

    crowns.....porcelain and ceramic... $302

    complete upper dentures ...$236

    This is a partial list.
    So far I do not see much help from the insurance company.

    Am I correct in thinking that they will cover close to 1/2 of the dentist bill?
  8. Shelley

    Shelley Senior Member

    Is this like a medical HMO where you need to go to a particular dentist? I don't know many dentists that would charge those low prices. Shoot, if they did we wouldn't need insurance. :)

    Or are those prices what what the insurance company is willing to pay?
  9. paige

    paige New Member

    My family is full up of dentists, and you would not believe how bad most dental insurances are--what they pay for usual and customary is normally updated about every 15 years. it is really bad

    I just had a full set of xrays and cleaning two weeks ago--my part was 40 bucks and the girls that do the billing almost fell out on how good that was. I had a filling a week ago and my part was 18 bucks---without it, it would have been 482--they said that was the best they had seen as far as insurance coverage.

    Dental stuff is expensive, and most insurances are notoriously bad, so make sure you check your details

    Mine is through my work, for the STate, and my premiums are more than 600 per year
  10. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    Shelley those prices are what the insurance company will pay.

    paige, I have often heard that benefits for those working for the state are wonderful.

    Perhaps we should talk to the employer and see if they could set up a plan. I would be happy to pay the premiums just to get the coverage.. (IF it is good coverage)