Do I have an ulcer?

Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by lori, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. lori

    lori New Member

    Here are symptoms from

    Be felt anywhere from your navel up to your breastbone yes, breastbone
    Last from a few minutes to several hours twinges lasting 10-15ish minutes, a couple times of day--not every day but I'll have a day where it keeps happening
    Be worse when your stomach is empty yes
    Flare at night no, but I also snack all night
    Often be temporarily relieved by eating certain foods that buffer stomach acid or by taking an acid-reducing medication my inclination is to eat and sometimes after I eat it is better
    Disappear and then return for a few days or weeks yes

    Uhm, so this is a stupid post. I would say the writing's on the wall... but I am in denial. An ulcer? Seriously?
  2. BUC

    BUC Administrator

    Could also be just heartburn. I get it bad seems to go in spurts.

  3. Shell

    Shell New Member

    I thought I had an ulcer and had an upper GI done, results came back as acid reflux. Was put on Prevacid 30mg for about 2 years, then Dr. said see how I am off it. Still had some flare ups and was told just to take when needed. Which I still do.
  4. Pixin

    Pixin New Member

    Could be, I had several. Get to the Dr. for an xray.
  5. April

    April New Member

    It has been 40 years since I had an ulcer. They are not fun. Better get it checked asap.
  6. photofinish

    photofinish Senior Member

    Lori, best to check it out! I had mine several years ago. Best diet I've ever been on, but soo not worth it! Scope sucks, but maybe they xray now? I had to get scoped like a damn horse :(. Mine got bad enough before I went in that nothing helped. Stomach would be "on fire". Stomach, not heartburn, not acid reflux (still enjoy that little friend). Only thing that mellowed it early on was soft-serve type vanilla ice cream. I do not even like ice cream, but it helped. Get checked out - those things start bleeding and it gets ugly fast!
  7. Shadimac

    Shadimac New Member

    I was treated for an ulcer last year. To this day I blame it on my ex. ;D

    My symptoms were a little different than yours, but they were persistent enough for about 6 months so I finally had it checked out. I had to go on the purple pill, I forgot what it was called. But anyways, after being on that for many months, I went off of it and am doing much better. Every once in awhile I get the pain back , but its not every day like it was.

    Get it checked out. Pains in that area, no matter what they are, shouldn't be messed around with. I waited longer than I should have to go in, but I kept hoping it would go away.
  8. Terri

    Terri New Member

    I've had peptic ulcers since I was 17. I remember my doctor saying that stomach pain that wakes you up is a symptom. I would wake up almost every morning about 4 a.m. with double over type pains. Pain was like being whopped in the stomach with a baseball bat. Certain foods would have me doubled over in pain also. Because of the ulcers, I also have heartburn regularly.

    Heartburn- More of small pin point pains that rise to the throat. Mostly felt in the breastbone area.
    Ulcers- Mostly stay in the abdomen area. Very dullish, but strong pain that doubles me over. Sends pain radiating all the way to the shoulders and back when really bad.

    When I was diagnosed, the doc said he stopped counting at 10 ulcers and ordered a radical diet change. Also had ulcers in the duodenum (sp?). One sip of beer can cause an attack. I rarely have anything spicy and watch sodium intake carefully.

    They are now mostly gone but it was hell for many years.
  9. JenR

    JenR Formerly Underworld Queen

    Get in and at least talk to a Dr.. Photo's right, those things get ugly fast -- Grampa had one that closed the entrance to his stomach up, within a month of him first having symptoms; he ended up having to get surgery, probably because he tried to "tough it out".
  10. Angien

    Angien New Member

    Sounds like you have GERD.
    Have you tried Zantac?
    Please go to the Dr as GERD can where down the lining of the esophagus.
  11. Pixin

    Pixin New Member

    I believe that Gerd can become cancerous if not treated.

    Pizza and beer is horrible for ulcers!
    Bananas actually made my stomach feel better.

    They will probably do a stomach xray first. I had the Endoscope done twice. The first time I was awake and got to look in the scope, the second time they knocked me out for it.

    Lori, call the Dr. Monday morning!
  12. cherokee

    cherokee New Member

    I have been having the same problem. I am a huge pepsi drinker. First thing in the a.m.
    I pop open a pepsi and don't stop drinking them till I go to bed. Needless to say
    I can put a case away in two days. I started having pains about a week ago.
    The only thing I could do to rule things out was slow down on the pepsi.
    So I started a gradual slow down and things started getting better. Today
    I have drank only one pepsi and about a half hour after drinking the pepsi the pains
    started I drank a glass of milk wich calmed things down have drank water and tea
    all day and am feeling like a new person.

    Quite awhile ago I quit drinking pepsi all together and started drinking crystal light
    tea and water I lost quite a few pounds it lasted for about three months
    Now I know I won't beable to tolerate pop and I gotta watch the tea because of the cafine.

    I too suggest going to the DR I need to but want to try this for a week or so before I go.
    I am afraid with having bowl obstruction surgery and my insides reconstructed that
    they are gonna find major trouble and I will have to have surgery again wich is something
    that I don't want to go threw again.
  13. lori

    lori New Member

    Well, I submitted an online request for an appt when I originally posted this. I have an appt on Wednesday. I haven't had symptoms all weekend, of course now that I think of it I think I feel a bit of it... sigh.
  14. Rachel

    Rachel New Member

    I have a duodenal ulcer. It's "great". Don't ditch your appointment, your body is telling you something. Charlie has Barrett's esophagus from GERD---also "great".