Ernie Rose

Discussion in 'The Corral' started by keechin, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Tbitt

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    I'm glad the brought back a guilty charge!

    but - it seems way way lenient!

  2. BUC

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    Wow, he got jail time...I'm impressed since that rarely happens. I will admit that if it weren't for the horses possibly suffering again, the twisted demented side of me would have loved to see him get them back just because the way it was handled was a complete clusterfuck and I bet there are a good percentage of the horses that can't be found.

    I went to the Arthur auction right after the seizure and horses from there were reported as having ran through. The email that everyone was sent the night before the seizure basically said "bring a trailer and come get some horses". It was a very disorganized deal.
  3. JenR

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    I think there's still some toss up over the horses that were picked up on the second go around out there -- proper procedure was not followed, or something like that. I think the judge said there was an error in those horses being taken as he was still de facto owner and according to the law, he still is. He could still win his federal case. (shaking head -- what a freaking mess)