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  1. snaffle

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    Even though it is cold and nasty.. :-
    it isnt too early to start thinking about fly control for this season :D

    What are your plans for the little pests?

    I am not changing anything.. planning to go with what has worked for me for the past few years.

    1. those hanging sticky strips (25 cents each) will be hung when needed towards the end of July

    2. Sprinkle that fly bait stuff in areas of the barn where the chickens cant get to it

    3. Fly predators !!! They are the BEST thing! I found the most economical place to buy them is March Biological

    Even though the suppliers always tell me that they can not be affected by early cold temps and rain.. I refuse to allow them to ship to me before the 3rd week. I accepted shipment one year.. as they recommended and I KNOW those little boogers got too cold and didnt hatch!! I know it I know it. They also can drown from too much spring rains... even though the salesman from another company had told me they would be ok. I KNOW they drowned. I know it I know it.

    I will never not order the fly predators again. They make my life so much easier.

    4. I will feed garlic powder to each horse. I works from the inside out. I swear the garlic powder helps deter the flies.

    Do not pay any attention to those stewpid stewpid articles that go around the internet the beginning of fly season when people start talking about garlic powder and horses. The article will tell how there was a study done and horses died from the garlic powder.

    If you continue reading the articles.. you will learn that there were only a few horses in the study and they were fed EXTREME amounts of garlic powder.

    I start in may feeding garlic powder. 1/4 tsp per horse per day, so they get accustomed to the flavor. I gradually increase it. By the end of July they are consuming 2 tablespoons per day.

    I stop feeding it when fly season is over.

    I order it from

    It is important to buy a good quality garlic powder or you will not get good results. A restaurant quality would be best, but I have not been able to find a reasonably priced source.

    5. I add apple cider vinegar to their feed once a day. 1/4 cup her day per head. When it is mixed with the garlic powder .... you will wonder what in the h*ll you are doing!! You will think the horses will NOT touch it.. BUT..

    be prepared.. they will STAMPEDE to the barn when feeding time comes. They LOVE it!

    I buy the apple cider vinegar by the gallons. Some grocery stores will put it on sale in the spring. I bought 10 gallons last spring for 5 or 6 horses and it lasted all season.

    6. I rarely get to use my fly catching jugs because I dont have enough flies to keep a good 'stink' going in them to attract more flies. Sometimes after Aug 1 I can keep one going. I use catfish nuggets when I first start up one, or leftover sweet corn cobs (cooked)

    I still use fly spray, but not as much as without using these fly control methods.
  2. MyTeDun

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    Pens are kept clean 2x a week

    Manure pile burnt off every day

    Horses fed garlic starting in March

    fly sprips hung in corner of each stall

    Most of all we keep the fly jugs positioned by each pen and areas that seem to attract the most flies. Order them from online, much cheaper

    Each evening we spray down the barn ceilings with DiFly before anyone is allowed in. This gets the ones that collect on the ceilings

    Figured out the expense and we are saving alot by not using the predators----- Predators work great if you have a manure pile, we don't anymore

  3. Shell

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    I hope more people reply :)

    As a boarder I'd like to read some good results a boarder can do for their horse. I was thinking garlic added to his feed or trying...I think it's called Bug Off in his feed.
    Seems my horse attracks a massive amount of flies to his legs. I don't want to wait and see if the new barn he's at, would not be as bad. I'd rather have him already protected, just in case.
  4. MyTeDun

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    Order something besides the "Bug Off"---- The link that Snaffle posted lists some great items.

    You really want a pure, real garlic. Much larger %
  5. snaffle

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    My original post had a omission in it.

    I start the predators the 3rd week of MAY.

    I would like to know where many of you order your garlic. I have not found a source for restaurant grade garlic that is cost effective.
  6. WindyKnollFarm

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    Please tell me more. I think that a burning manure pile would be effective for other things too....psycho neighbors?? How close is your closest?
  7. MyTeDun

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    Thats the nice part ---closest neighbor is almost 1/2 mile away. The pile smolders with a little smoke, nothing nasty

    I use the ashes in my flowerbeds for compost
  8. 4horses

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    My old shoer used to burn her manure pile. It didn't smell that bad and it was just a great way to get rid of the manure instead of speading.
  9. MyTeDun

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    Great way to keep the property from having a huge pile and it actually disappears pretty quick.
  10. Shadimac

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    Fly predators are amazing. I convinced the zoo I worked at last year to invest in them because the cougars and wolves were getting eaten alive. It helped tremendously. It might also be interesting to note that they were also on garlic tabs every day.

    I also like the fly leg wraps. I swear by them actually. I also really like to use the fly sheets, however I had to put a halt to that last summer because my horse had such a case of the "itchies" that no matter what I did to help his itch, he was ripping them to shreds. I'm hoping to have better luck this year.