Free The Path of the Horse Teleseminar Series

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    Could be very informative.
    Could be completely wacked out.

    I will say, I've read this book several times.
    I absolutely love it and can relate to alot of what's in it.
    I agree alot with her.
    Linda Kohanov:
    Author: The Tao of Equus and Riding Between the Worlds
    Base: Epona equine program, Sonoita, Arizona

    "The equine system is like a huge receiver and amplifier for emotional vibrations. No matter how good you are at hiding things from yourself and others, your nervous system still involuntarily broadcasts what you're really feeling, at a frequency horses are especially good at tuning in to."

    This horse to human biofeedback is the basis of Linda's Epona program in which she helps equestrians who have reached an impasse with their mounts. She reveals how many of so-called "problem horses" are simply mirroring feelings and intentions their owners had no idea they were projecting.

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    I agree with this 100% - and If any of you don't.....Just come hang out with Drifter and you will become a believer! :eek: