Geneva Chicken ordinance

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  1. Sarah315

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    This is interesting to me.

    It seems like the politicians are always against people being more self sufficient. My father was born in the house on the corner of Center and Richards st. in Geneva. They had a large garden, fruit trees, and raised chickens and pigeons. This was during the depression and without these things families would have starved. They did for themselves and it taught them not to rely on handouts when times got tuff. I realize times have changed and the suburbs are more populated, but it's sad that one or two generations have changed us so much that even the community leaders scoff at what was a necessity to their parents.
  2. JenR

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    Why would politicians want people to be self sufficient and turn down handouts (aka. more government sponsored handouts)? If people are reliant on the nanny state, have to rely on the nanny state for everything from food, the power, to housing do you think they'd every dream of revolting against said nanny state? ;)

  3. Michele

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    Bravo JenM

    Stalin couldn't have said it better

    Socialism here we come
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    That's pretty unprofessional of the mayor.

    Although realistically, does keeping a couple of backyard chickens for eggs really cash flow? I think arguing it from a "hard times" stand point isn't really that helpful to their case.
  5. BUC

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    The way chicken feed has gone up you can buy eggs a lot cheaper than you can produce them now, at least on a small scale of "just a couple of chickens in the back yard". That's why suziebk has ours now ;D Of course she has the land to free range in the summer too and all we have here is a major road to squish them.