Gonna build a round pen

Discussion in 'The Corral' started by Brilliance, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Brilliance

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    What do I need to know . . . .

    Fav size:

    Fav Footing:

    Wall components:

    What i was thinking was 4x4 posts with gates between 60 ft diameter??????

    This is to also be a perm part of the pasture. Hard to describe but my pasture is a triangle with the wide part closest to the barn (main gate). About 80 feet into the pasture I am putting up a fence to keep them in/out of said pasture or in/out of the dry lot type area. In the middle of that divider fence line i want to put the round pen (no divider) with a gate to either the dry lot or the pasture.
  2. MyTeDun

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    I'll just tell you what mine is------

    We built this about 10 years ago so its not up to the specs that I would do now.

    Mine is 55' in diameter
    2 gates---- one into pen connecting to the barn and one going out to the drive and second barn

    5'6" tall----
    constructed of round wood posts due to the pen is round, easier to screw in boards since they are all at an angle

    2x6x10 wood boards ------ 4 boards used per section


    road rock then aglime then sand, drainage good----- we pitched it slightly so everything flows out the side by concrete pad.

    Sand added yearly---urghhhhh it washes away with the water as it drains

    If I had to do it over again I would buy the sections of interlocking panels---

  3. StarryNight924

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    The one we have at the barn is made of those interlocking fence pieces (metal). I'm not sure what the diameter is, but it's a decent size. Footing is sand and because of the fact that it's up on a hill and it's a very shallow hole, the sand doesn't wash away too badly. I'll check on the size for you when I head out there tomorrow.