Have you ever thought what would happen.......

Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by Ponythief, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Ponythief

    Ponythief New Member

    to your horses if you died?

    Do you have a living will or something in writing for your animals?

    I have pondered over it a bit. If something happened to both hubby and me at the same time, who would take Honey and L.E. None of our family members has the capabilities of securing them a home.
    Would it be too weird to ask someone?, if I thought they would take over my two. I am more worried about L.E. than Honey because of L.E.'s past history and her lack of trust with people. It would take a really caring person for her. I just don't ever want her to fall into bad hands again.

    Years ago I had it all figured out and who she would go to, but now as time has gone by the gentleman isn't getting any younger and had a pace maker installed 2 yrs ago. So not a sure thing anymore.

    I'm not worried bout Lil' Stinks future if this was to happen, I know Morapt would step up to the plate for me :-*

    Just pondering.................
  2. Shannon

    Shannon New Member

    Ponythief... FREAKY.

    I was thinking about this this morning, and I have NEVER thought about that before. Weird.

  3. Morganfan608

    Morganfan608 New Member

    Yeah, I thought about this a lot after ex & I parted ways. I had my lawyer put where I wanted my horses & equipment to go in my new will. At least I know the horses will be well cared for upon my passing. BTW Ponythief, nice avatar pic of your new guy!
  4. cherokee

    cherokee New Member

    Yep, thought about it and took care of it. Hubby knows and a few other people know.

    HALL FARMS Insert Title Here

    well, duh....Honey would just come live down here with me! ;D
  6. AKPonygirl

    AKPonygirl New Member

    Yep we have.. we haven't decided who they would go to.. (dogs, horses, other critters...)
  7. darkhorse

    darkhorse New Member

    I have a trust agreement which has a portion of my money designated to go to a trustee (my sis,)for the care of my animals (horses and dogs) should something happen to me. If there is money left over once they all die, it is to go to the humane society. It is very specific.
    I am twisted, I already know this.
  8. Shadow

    Shadow New Member

    Actually I took care of this issue this past summer..finally got hubby to do a will..we both did a will, and figured out a plan for the farm and the dogs and my horses in the event we both expire together..it wasn't that complicated and my BFF is in charge of the whole "shebang" to do with as she sees fit to take care of my "kids" equine & canine both... peace of mind just in case
  9. pinp

    pinp New Member

    BUC can take L. E. ;D
  10. MyTeDun

    MyTeDun Senior Member

    Took care of it----- as an addendum to my will! They are taken care of
  11. Peggy Sue

    Peggy Sue New Member

    Two of mine would go to my "trainer"
    the other one would go to my friend Tammy
  12. BUC

    BUC Administrator

    BoBo will go to PonyT if she's still around. Whatever else I have, animal and tack wise will go to one of my horse trader friends to be sold and the $ given to my son.
  13. Tbitt

    Tbitt Most beloved member of MW

    I am seriously interested in this....

    In this agreement, does it make provisions for the Trustee's "time".

    I ask because, not to long ago a friend of mine went off on vacation.

    Sent me a note saying that I was in charge of her horses incase anything happened to "them" while they were gone.

    In the letter it stated that I was to care for her daughter's horse until the father could make "other" arrangements for the horse.

    But that the other 2 were left for me to take care of.

    I was touched, but hubby and I started to really think about, that would have cost us a small fortune. How do we make it a non burden to whomever is left in charge?

    I'd have to do that to good people......

    *putting on flame suit"

    So far, hubby and I have decided to euthanize all 4.............I do not trust this economy......
  14. asuits

    asuits New Member

    Your horses are considered your property. Unless you have a legally binding will that states you want your horses to go to a specific person (ie a letter will not work) then they will go to your family members with the rest of your estate. It should be legally spelled out how you want things handled if you want to ensure their safety.
  15. darkhorse

    darkhorse New Member

    The trust agreement is for the $'s which are designated for the care of my animals. It can be used for nothing else. Any unused funds are to be donated to the humane society.
    My will covers who they go to. I did ask my sis before making that choice. I would not want to burden her.
  16. I took out a very large life insurance policy on myself and Mike gets the majority of it in order to take care of the horses.
    He threatens to "whack" me when he gets pissed off, but so far, i'm still here. ;D
  17. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    We made up a will several years ago.

    If I die he gets everything

    if he dies I get everything..

    if we both die..

    twistedwire gets all critters and all critter related items. All of it.
    tack, feeders.. buckets.. books.. videos... even mousetraps

    She is welcome to disperse of them any way she prefers
  18. susiebk

    susiebk New Member

    I have a living trust......Cheyenne will be euthanized, Win and Mack will stay with my daughter Kaylee, who will either go to live with a good friend in Dupage County, or live with my cousin in Indiana (who already has 2 horses)....or if we all die, Chey will be euthanized, Win will go to my cousin, Mack will go back to his legal owner (I have an open-ended free lease on him).....the dogs will go back to the various rescues they came from....and we do have $$ set aside for the temporary care and the permanant care of everything and everyone....