Heartguard 51-100lb chewables, 12 pk.

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    I have a new box of Heartguard 51-100lb chewables to sell. I'll have to check the expiration date when I get home, but is over a year off from now since I only very recently bought these from the vet. Unfortunately my lone big dog recently passed away without using any. :( This is a 12 pack, I'm asking $70 for them. Local pickup in Champaign-Urbana or $5.80 for priority mail.

    Disclaimer: I'm selling these assuming you have your dog on heartworm preventative from the vet or have a very recent clean heartworm test. Giving these to a heartworm positive dog could kill the dog. (This is why your vet requires you give this medicine year round or do a heartworm test every spring.)