Hearty Horse vs Wuss

Discussion in 'The Corral' started by BUC, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. My horses are spoiled (stalled)

  2. My horses live like other livestock

  3. I board

  4. I have my own place

  5. My horses are spoiled (stalled)

  6. My horses live like other livestock

  7. I board

  8. I have my own place

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  1. BUC

    BUC Administrator

    Pick 2.

    One on spoil/no spoil

    One on board/own

    I went with the poll if no one really wanted to elaborate. There are no right or wrong answers :)

    The Lean-to thread just got me curious.....
  2. Blueyz2

    Blueyz2 New Member

    We board our horses....honestly they are semi-spoiled. The 2 horses are out 24/7 (unless its friggen cold like today) the pony comes in only because she gets supplements and different grain then the other ponies shes with during the day, and the yearling gets spoiled because well...hes the baby :) And hes not gelded yet, so he comes in at night to be on the safe side. Once hes gelded, he'll probably be out all the time too.

    I wouldnt say we spoil our horses (but everyones definition of spoil is different ;)) but if they NEED something we try to get it for them.

  3. Peggy Sue

    Peggy Sue New Member

    Mine are spoiled but not pampered, they have stalls and can get in if they want but I dont' worry about it unless I see one shivering or whatever. I have blankets for them but they ahve been in tote since the spring when Lazy chilled on me ... so in the middle LOL you need to add another option up there BUC
  4. jjones

    jjones New Member

    I usually leave mine out 24/7 but I do bring them in to grain them as they don't share well..... They have access to their stalls and this set up works best for me because I can't spend all day at the barn as we don't live their yet.... I have a hay feeder filled with the best hay 24/7.... But honestly the only times I bring them in is when the ice storm hit and it was DANGEROUS for them to even walk outside.. And tonight and probably tomorrow night with wind chills being so low it make ME feel better...
  5. Tbitt

    Tbitt Most beloved member of MW

    I have my own place.

    The horses are out 24/7 unless it is crazy bad outside. If the windchill is below zero, or it is icy out, they are in!

    We have 4 horses 4 stalls, but 2 talls have my husband's equipment, building materials aka "CRAP" in them ( :eek:)

    So currently all 4 horses are running around crapping and peeing in my arena........ :-

    My husband likes to feed them just a tad bit more than they need. We are currently working on this. If you seen my mare - you'd understand the problem! :eek: ;D
  6. poodlelover

    poodlelover Moderator

    Horse is boarded and in a stall at night with all day turn out.

    I guess she must be spoiled since I just went out there in the freezing frickin' cold to give her a warm bran mash and extra hay.
  7. equusteacher

    equusteacher New Member

    I board but she's "lives like a horse".
    No blanket and outside.
    She does have a run in shelter but rarely goes in it.
    I do have a nice TO blanket for her "just in case" but it has yet to see any use.

    They get lots and lots of hay, and have access to heated water all the time.
    The nice thing about our run in shed is that if the wind or weather is comming out of the open side for some reason, then can go stand behind it to use it as a wind break.
  8. MyTeDun

    MyTeDun Senior Member

    I have to admit mine are spoiled. They are in, they are blanketed, the old lady has two blankets on her since she was shivering with one.
    We feed warm soaked beet pulp and goodies mixed with their grain 2x a day with LOTS of grass hay.

    Can't leave out, my turnouts are drifted in with snow and tons of ice underneath. Have 2 pens I can use that are safe and they do not have shelters so in they come.

    Come spring out they go!!!!!!!!!!!!! I refuse to use shavings once the weather warms and the trees fill back in for shade
  9. Brilliance

    Brilliance New Member

    I have some of each . . .

    The boy lives in a heated show barn with daily indoor turn out 1/2 day.

    The ladies live at home turn out from 4 am till 6ish with tons of hay. They come in when its like this otherwise its eat and go out. I have one Wussy TB (I still luff her) that has a waterproof sheet on. I have a fleece liner for her when/if she needs it.
  10. photofinish

    photofinish Senior Member

    My TBs are "spoiled", but they have a job and can't risk them getting hurt, plus I hate a sweaty, hairy horse, so they are clipped and blanketed as well. Now, while Grayson is on sabbatical he has a largish pen and a lean-to. My broodmare is out 24/7 where I have her boarded.
  11. Shadow

    Shadow New Member

    Well, I have my own farm..and for the most part my guys are out 24/7 unless the weather is crappy...they have a run in on the barn..but the ole guy stands in the door way and won't let the other in (this really pisses me off) so if it is miserable I bring in 3 and the ole guy can do as he pleases..he usually does. Tonight, they are all bedded in cozy stalls. w/ lots of hay and deep bedding...they were begging me to come in this evening to get out of the fridgid winds..and will probably do the same tomarrow night.
  12. cherokee

    cherokee New Member

    I have my own place and my horses live like other livestock. They have the north half
    the barn and a seperate walk in shed so they can choose to go in or out 24/7
    they get alot of xtra hay when it is cold like this out.
  13. funnypaint

    funnypaint New Member

    I board, my horses are in at night and out all day if the weather and footing is decent. If it's raining or really muddy I will put them in after half a day, mostly because I can clean their legs off that way, in case I can't make it out the next.
  14. syndiego

    syndiego New Member

    Crud, I didn't follow directions, only placed one vote (although I see I am not the only wee-todd-it one)

    My horses have stalls that connect to a paddock, and I avoid locking them in at all costs. That would mean I'd have to do buckets. It's much easier to let them access the tank outside with the heater. The stalls face East, so unless the weather is out of that direction, which is rare, I don't close the doors. Tonight (-8 forecast), doors are open.

    I did start stalling my old guy, Shadow (27) when it's snowy. He scared the crap out of me one morning last January. A very fine snow/mist made the stall floors slippery, and he apparently slipped trying to get up and got cast. Not a nice thing to go down to the barn in the morning, I think it was 4 degrees out, and see 4 legs pointed straight in the air. He wasn't moving - just laying there waiting for help. First time in 18 years of owning him this ever happened, and I'm not taking the chance again. I did manage to help him up by myself, and he was shivering, but generally okay. He must not have been stuck that long.

    Sorry for the novel ;D I like to think I treat my horses like horses, but if they need a little TLC, I do it.
  15. Margot7

    Margot7 New Member

    I've had a bit of both in my life...growing up my horses lived outside 24/7 with access to their barn and were never blanketed....didn't even own a blanket! Now, my horse is a spoiled rotten pet, not livestock to me, just a big dog that I ride. She is outside with a blanket on most of the day, and then in a heated barn at night! I try to tell her that she has quite the lifestyle, but she just doesn't listen. I wonder if she appreciates it? :D
  16. Morganfan608

    Morganfan608 New Member

    My formerly blanketed/hooded, body clipped, used to a heated barn, 'show horse' lives outside w/his buddies, a round bale (in winter months, pasture in the spring/summer/fall months) and a run in and loves it. When ulcers caused me to re-think his lifestyle and 'job', he LOVED the adjustment. Depends on the horse, my last 'show horse' was a neurotic mess when he spent any more than 1/2 hr in a dry lot and was totally psycho in the pasture.
    I did bring my Arab in yesterday because, even my sons' pony pushes him away....and that small iota of compassion I have left, felt really sorry for him. He's happy and warm in a stall, in the barn, w/my 3 wussy boarders. ;D
    I dusted the snow off the backs of the 3 buddies he left behind....God didn't put them here on earth w/stalls.....windbreak/shelter, roughage, water....outside 24/7....they are healthy and they love it.
  17. whoaboy

    whoaboy Senior Member

    The options given dont reflect my horses lifestyle! I have my own place and they each have a stall with an outdoor run attached. I bring them in during the winter at night to feed and leave them in all night, but unless the rain or snow is blowing right in the stall, I leave the doors open so they can have access to the run. Very rarely does the door get closed. I don't blanket but one (my old mare) and then only 1-2 x in extreme cold times have I ever done that. In the summer, I bring them in during the day and let them out in the evening, only to preserve my limited pasture and because I have one that would be big as a house if I let him graze 24/7. I need to downsize by 1 ( the air fern) and then I would let them out 24/7. I too have the problem that Shadow has with my one gelding being the dominant one and he eats everybodies food and gets in "their" stalls and stands in the doorway to a stall and won't let the others in. They are too dumb to go get in another stall. So, semi pampered but still a horse?
  18. desederada

    desederada New Member

    I would call that fairly smart. Chances are if they do move to another stall he's just going to go IN the stall and kick the crap out of them when they are trapped in the stall.Or, someone is going to drop a hip trying to crash their way thru the doorway. I would never leave them in this situation it would be better to lock everyone in or out.
  19. Imzadi

    Imzadi New Member

    Our horses are outside 24/7, unless the weather is like this! When it is several degrees below 0 at night, below 40 degrees and raining, or really high winds with below zero temps I always bring them in at night. We blanket, liner (when staying around zero), and for some of the crazies they wear 2 liners to help keep them warm and quiet. We ride them throughout the winter (except maybe this one!!! ;)) and blanket them to stunt their hair growth....ohterwise it would take us hours to cool and dry them after each ride. They all have run-in sheds, hay 24/7, and heated water....so I don't mind them out. The ones who need it get grain 2x per day, but that is only 3 horses...most of them are plenty fat on just hay!
  20. April

    April New Member

    My horses are spoiled because they are not stalled. Put mine in a stall and they get upset.