Horse Racing Vs. Slaughter

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    Thank you for posting that article------- People really need to open their eyes and realize the future.

    This section of the forum is not read by many folks due to the topic---- Just wish they would

    I'm pasting a same section that hit me the hardest:

    "We're having issues with trails closing to horseback riders, the total ban on horse slaughter in the United States, and now, U.S. Rep. Conyers of Michigan will likely reintroduce a bill that would prosecute people who transport horses to slaughter houses in Canada or Mexico. So here you have the bottom dropping out of the racing industry, the higher cost of feed and unwanted horses, and people are just walking away. It's hard to stay upbeat about the industry when the Humane Society of the United States is making the decision that horse slaughter is immoral. Without the slaughter option, people are just leaving them to starve."

    As was the case in 2004, warnings about unintended consequences of legislation are prevalent. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) warned in its agenda for the 111th Congress that "if Congress decides that horses and other equids are prohibited from being processed for human consumption, it is estimated that each year an additional 100,000 unwanted U.S. horses would need to find an alternative method of care..." The AVMA also said "legislation is needed to ensure the humane care and treatment of these animals."

    In other words, Birchmeier said, banning horse slaughter will lead to horse starvation, a much more cruel and agonizing death than slaughter.

    "The Hollywood celebrity money behind the bans may be a great way for some people to salve their consciences and get some publicity out of their flavor of the month, but it is agriculture and taxpayers that will have to deal with the unintended consequences," he said. "What many of these people don't seem to understand - and maybe they can't because they have no idea what responsible animal ownership is all about - is that there are fates worse than death, and death is a part of life."

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    Yeah, writing's been on the wall in MI for awhile. The state's main industries (auto parts/mfg. and furniture) outside of tourism, were in trouble several years before the rest of the US went into recession. Property values bottomed and the state was on the brink of bankruptcy as long ago as 2004. So, they robbed from the breeders funds. They don't even have Off Track Betting (they have to be the only state in the union who has racing and NO OTBS) much less slots. I'm not sure why they won't expand gambling for the tracks, state could use the tax $. My guess is the Indian Casinos have too much pull and don't want to share their client base.

    I still have several friends in MI. They say the brand new TB track (Pinnacle) outside Detroit is "the worst place" they have ever raced horses. They said the barns were poorly built and flooded. The grandstand is a joke. Over 15 miles to eat out or find a place for grooms/trainers/ex riders/jocks to stay. I guess management doesn;t give a rat's backside what the horseman want or need. Purses stink.... I had thought the STBs in MI were healthier, but I guess not :-.

    Interesting, MI killed their racing industry, legislatively devalued their own state-bred horses (by cutting breeders' and owners' awards), and is the home state of the "Save the Horsies" senator..... Ah, the irony....
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    Michigan shot themselves in the foot. I was told that the new track Pinnacle was built on land that was given to them by the airport.
    I guess the grandstand sucks, the offices are trailers and if you are standing outside your barn talking to someone and a plane flys over you can't hear each other. They say the horses are used to the noise but I would worry about my horses hearing after a summer there. Yes it is out in the middle of no where other than the airport. That just stinks