Horse show preferences, getting $, etc.

Discussion in 'The Corral' started by lori, Feb 2, 2009.

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    OK, so we are in charge of planning a horse show this year--it's all speed classes. I'd like to collect some other opinions:

    I'd like to get some donations up--I despise "Grand Entry" and anything else that forces me to be somewhere and wastes time. I'm thinking that if it pays 1-2-3-4-5 place, donations go to 6-7-8 for however many more donations we have. Fair enough, right? It's divisional, so there's pretty much a chance for almost everyone to still earn something. We just don't want to deal with people not hearing that they won something, having to hang on to it, etc. Pretty much everyone with a clean run will be listening to who won.

    Second - I am thinking about offering arena banners for sponsors. This is not so unusual that horses will have any fear issues, but there aren't any bleachers, so we have to be careful not to block the view from a lawn chair. I'm thinking 2-4 near the end gate (depending on size of banners) and then at the announcer's booth, which is elevated. At the end gate, people really shouldn't be sitting on that side of the arena, as it can be dangerous with horses running in and out, so no worries about blocking. I also don't mind making the arena fence look a little more solid on that end. Any other thoughts on why this might be a bad idea?

    Then finally--any extra sponsorship $ is just more $ to payout. Any other ideas for money grubbing for a good show? Concessions is out.
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    Have a poker round?

    Competitors get the option of putting money into a pot that essentially allows them to wager on where they think they'll end up placing in the round, one closest to actual placing wins the pot or splits it with the round winner (or you can do competitor that guesses closest to their actual time wins the pot). I don't know if this is considered legal anymore or not -- but it used to be a lot of fun at some non rated shows I used to go to.