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    The show bill for this years schooling series.
    Plus atleast one of these.

    One or more versatility class will be held at each show. Versatility classes are indicated with a "V" before the class number.
    Prix Caprilli a dressage test that includes a few low jumps
    Trail a ridden or driving class consisting of typical trail obstacles such as a bridge, gate, mail box or ground poles. A score of 0 to 5 will be given for each obstacle where 0 = not performed and 5 = excellent.
    Dressage by the Letters a speed or gymkhana type class where the horse and rider/driver must go from dressage letter to dressage letter, marked with sets of cones, in alphabetical order. All the dressage letters will be used including the center letters. Time begins when rider/driver enters the ring at A and time ends when rider/driver exits the ring at A. Callers are permitted. Any gait may be used except for Intro riders where canter will be cause for elimination. Five seconds will be added to the time for each cone knocked over. Fastest time wins.
    Dressage Equitation (WT) a group class where the rider only is judged on dressage equitation, position and effective use of the aids. STRIDE Medal Class (WTC) Judged only on rider's equitation and effectiveness of aids. The highest test of each level (Training 4, First 4, Second 4, Third 3, Fourth 3) will be ridden separately from the test where the horse/rider combination are judged for dressage. Riders must enter only consecutive test levels (Training/First or First/Second, not Training/Second) and can ride only one Medal test per show. Entry fee for this class is $15
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    That's an awesome idea!

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    sounds like fun