If your wallet is stolen?

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  1. Shelley

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    Do you need to or should you file a police report? Credit cards and ATM card has been canceled/frozen (after $1600 in bogus charges). Checks were also in the wallet.

    Never mind. Google is my friend and yep, you should file a report.
  2. BUC

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    Couldn't help myself. Don't hurt me :)

  3. Shadow

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    If my wallet was stolen, there would be no reason to call anyone...the damn thing is always empty !!! and I leave the credit card - YES, just one
    at home that way I am in no way tempted to use it...he he he >:D
  4. cherokee

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    It is always a good idea to photo copy everything you have in your wallet front and
    back also a good idea to never put your SS# on your drivers license or your Divers
    license # on your checks. Copy everything front and back and put it in a safe place
    when ordering checks put your Name and address on it and nothing else this will prompt
    the cashier to ask for an ID. Never write your pin number on anything in your wallet.
    and NEVER sign the back of your credit cards this will also promt the cashier to ask for
    ID. You can even write on the sig line ask for PIC ID. YOu should also call the
    credit reporting agencies and have fraud alert put on your credit report.
    Never carry bank statements or credit card statements in your purse.
    Never ever carry your SS card with you. put it in a safe place (Maybe a small metel box
    in your freezer) We have all of ours in a small metal box in our freezer incase of fire
    the outside of freezer will burn unless the fire is very hot the metal box with the pertinant
    info will be safe from fire.

    Alot of you probably already know the above but I just thought I would throw it out