I'm toying with the idea of...

Discussion in 'The Carrot Stick' started by equusteacher, Oct 12, 2008.

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    Make sure to tell someone you are going out and you are planning on being back at x y or z time. Tell that someone you will check in with them at that time and if they don't hear from you that they should come looking for you.

    It sounds to me like part of it is barn sourness too. I'd work on that issue as well.

  3. Tbitt

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    You know - I have been thinking about this a lot..........

    I'd definitely let a few people know. I'll even have to bust out my helmet! :D

    I was thinking of working him a bit more around the property by himself and then making my hubby go with me to trailer my gelding off property by himself.

    Maybe take a spin around a small, not so well used park......
  4. MyTeDun

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    Tbitt I've been riding out alone with my guy. He is not confident and acts very jumpy but never does anything stupid. Lots of snorting and sidepassing but its annoying.

    I need someone to ride with--- want to get this guy out and I want to trail ride!

    We both have trailers, want to hook up sometime even if its at your house or mine at first
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    I have a horse who does very well alone and has been trail ridden alot, and I'd consider taking him to the local parks I go to since he has been there lots of times so his confidence would be quite high...as would mine. It's hard to find riding buddies, especially ones you get along with and/or have similar amounts of horse experience and knowledge.

    Yes, definitely tell at least one person where you're going.

    Good luck, and stay safe.
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    I'm not a big fan of riding out alone -- it almost cost my friend her life/brain function. It was a freak accident on a proven, steady horse (was her fiancee's, what a way to kick off a marriage). So with that caveat:

    Take a cell phone; tell at least two people and give them the route and leave/arrival time. Wear the appropriate protective gear (my kids and I are a bit hypocritical in this regard, but it really is a good idea, and they don't go solo without "suiting up").
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    keep your cell phone on YOU not in a horn bag or something on the horse

    make sure somebody knows WHERE you are going in case the horse comes back without you

    make sure you tell somebody when you will be checking in with them
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    What helps is just repetition and not leaving the trail head with anybody to start with. I started going alone and riding alone and though maybe a bit nervous to start, he did fine. When we came upon somebody, he wanted to follow intially but did not put up too big of a fuss when I would not let him. Each time he got better. Once you start riding with others, then it gets hard to separate your horse and go off in another direction (I have found) but if you have the experience of riding alone, it is much easier.