Image had her feet done yesterday

Discussion in 'The Corral' started by Tbitt, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Tbitt

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    So, My farrier was out yesterday and did all of my horses - all 5 of them.

    Their feet stopped growing pretty much all winter and then BAM in the past two weeks FEET!

    So, we've been working more at getting Image comfortable with picking up her back feet.

    I thought this was a GREAT opportunity to get her looked at.

    I pull her out of the stall - prance her around so he can see her move and see her feet as they were. Showed him how GREAT she is with her front feet - she doesn't get upset if you do not let her put her foot down - and I definitely showed him this so he could see how she reacts to not getting what she wants.

    So he says "Lets take her back into her stall and give it a go"

    She was real good! I was impressed.

    Yes she did try to get away but over all she did real well.

    But - we did have one incident that I did not control very well.

    While doing her left side, we had her up against 2 walls for extra support for her. I had a hold of her halter with my left hand (I'm right handed) and the farrier was working on his first foot. She tried 2-3 times to get her foot back - but of course he was not going to let go. So she decided to try rearing. Well I had her halter - guess what? I'm a tad bit stronger (cough heavier cough) than her. She tried once - and went NO WHERE. I laughed at her >:D........Farrier kept on working.

    He does her back leg with absolutely NO struggle at all. I know, that allowing the wall to help support her helped.

    Weeeeell we get to her right side. I still have her head. I'm on her right side (left against the wall) with my right hand holding the halter. Remember - I'm right handed, which should be my stronger side, right?

    So while working on her front foot she tries the same old thing.....tries to get her foot back........nothing, because the farrier is NOT going to let go. So she again tries to rear - and guess what?!?! I felt so awkward on that side that I couldn't stop her. She reared 3 times pretty much landing on my shoulders.....all along the farrier is NOT letting go - and he shouldn't >:D .....

    I'm such a dork - how could I NOT hold her down on my strong side? WTF?!?!

    The farrier finally let her foot go and just pushed her back against the wall - he gave her a stern voice while doing it..........and that was that........she didn't try to get away again. And she was again great for her back feet

    I commended him on how he kept a hold of her foot all along...........he was like "ya, I was NOT going to let go. But when she got in front of you I knew there was no purpose in holing on :nana: "

    So ya - her feet look GREAT! He said that she was really unbalanced all around and if we keep up on her foot care they will all be perfect in no time.

    BTW - her front feet, it looks as if her toe grows faster than her heal. Her back feet seem to grow evenly. But they were really off balance.

    After it was all done - we put the big horses out and let Image run the arena while we picked it clean from having the big horses in there.

    Image tore around that arena like I have never seen her do before! She was hell fire on wheels........she ran around at full speed - jumping over toys, tarps and almost falling on several occasions......she ran like that for a good 15-20 minutes.

    It was the funniest thing I have EVER seen! I think she likes her new feet! :laugh:
  2. Ponythief

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    Yah For Image!!!

    But we knew she was a smart lil one the first time you seen her. :)

    So wheres the updated pics?


  3. Tbitt

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    Oh my goodness PonyT! I had the camera but no one to take pics.

    Both the farrier and I knew the ones with her rearing woudl have been the funniest of all....but we had no one to take pics.

    I didn't even take pics of the before or after. How bad and I?!?!?! I soooo wanted to do that to keep a "record". Grrrrr

    But ya, we were cleaning the arena, and my camera was in the stall area - or else I'd have got her zooming around. You know, it took us that much longer to clean the place up, because we couldn't stop watching her and giggling our butts off at her!

    She is such a sweet gal! I am sooo happy to have her! *!*!*!* ^.^.^

    SIERRA New Member

    she sounds like when we were all little kids and went to the shoe store to get new tennis shoes...........
    you have to see how fast they are.............. then tell mom theses are the ones you want ;D
  5. alljackedup

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    cc, that's a great analogy. I can just imagine her....woo hoo....look at my new feet. I can FLY now. ;D

    Well, gotta get movin...Em's got a lesson w/ a new trainer this morning and she's driving me bonkers and Susan will be here soon.

    Tammy, how dare you post ANYTHING about Image, and not include pics...have you leanred NOTHING? :nana:

    SIERRA New Member

    hummmmmm....... I am wondering when I am going to get invited to see this lil princess