Interesting US obesity graph

Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by lori, Mar 2, 2009.

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    That's crazy!

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    I am firmly of the belief it has to do with the way our culture eats. From what I've read, research shows that many of our current metabolic/auto-immune diseases became prevalent around the time of the Industrial Revolution. Since then we've added many, many more additives to our food and processed food has become a modern staple.

    And in part, I blame technology. As we've become more technologically advanced, we've become busier and have taken the easy route of "convenience foods". With that is a circular effect; food technology creates more of the convenience foods, which we rely more on since we keep getting busier. The problem with technologically advanced foods is that it leaves out the importance of the nutrient interaction. For example, we know that "x" nutrient is vital to a body system, so research finds a way to isolate it and fortify it into processed foods or make it into an easy to swallow pill. But what research doesn't usually take into account is the way that nutrient interacts with other nutrients in the natural food it occurs in. Therefore, we feel good because we take a pill with "x" nutrient in it, thinking we are doing a good thing, yet we really aren't because for that nutrient to be broken down and work correctly, it needs other nutrients that come with it in it's natural form.

    I think we need to take a huge step backwards in food and get rid of all the snack stuff, cereal bars, vitamin waters, etc and go back to basics...eating foods in their most natural forms.
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    The ironic truth about the obesity crisis:

    my ex's current wife hammering through 3 whole boxes of Snack Wells in an afternoon, while popping diet pills washed down with a six pack of "lite" beer with some diet soda chasers -- and watching tv all day ;)
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    Wow, that is sobering.