It's NOT The Forum!!! WOOT

Discussion in 'Forum Support and Announcements' started by BUC, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. BUC

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    Posted here and on the back up board:

    If the forum won't load, look at your browser and make sure the www. is in there. The HOSTING co. (not the forum) is having issues. They are working on it, but until then to get on the board the URL needs to read in it's entirety. There are thousands of web sites not working right now because of this....not just ours.

    Posting here too because sometimes when I click out and go to click back in the forum is gone again....but so is the www. in the address soon as you add it, you're back in ;)
  2. snaffle

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    Once you posted... that it was up and running..

    I clicked on my normal link..

    no www

    and it worked ;D

  3. BUC

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    Hopefully they have it fixed now....there were a lot of pissed off people this morning, LMAO. And we were actually one of the first batch to call in, hold time went from 5 min to 35 min in just a few seconds it seemed like!
  4. Imzadi

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    AHHHHH....thanks for the heads up!