Jewelry... and horses

Discussion in 'The Corral' started by lori, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. lori

    lori New Member

    What jewelry do you all wear regularly? Never really enjoyed wearing earrings. I've already established I can't be trusted with necklaces. I've broke necklaces on fence, dogs, you name it. I quit wearing rings when I started playing with horses, I worried that prongs would get stuck in leadropes or reins, plus, maybe not everyone has pigs for horses, but when I brushed them the dirt on my hands and rings was disgusting. Sometimes I miss jewelry...
  2. alljackedup

    alljackedup New Member

    I wear a necklace that I never take off, earrings that come off when I sleep, and 1 ring on each hand. BUT, the rings come off anytime I'm doing horsey stuff. Had one get caught on the saddle once, and it hurt like a mofo.

  3. Shell

    Shell New Member

    My 3 earrings are really like permanent fixtures. Only taken out when the holes need cleaning. And occasionally come out with an accidental pull.
    Have had the same earrings in for I don't know how many years.
  4. MyTeDun

    MyTeDun Senior Member

    gold wedding band-no stones
    3 earrings that never come out
    chain on all the time (tuck it in shirt when with horses)
  5. April

    April New Member

    Necklace tucked in my shirt and a belly button bar.
  6. Daretodream

    Daretodream New Member

    Necklaces always seem to rip my hair out in the back so I quit wearing them. Since I got my horses I never wear rings because they get filthy and I am afraid my hands will swell and I will take them off and misplace them. Earrings make my ears itch now so the 4 holes I have sit empty.
  7. Peggy Sue

    Peggy Sue New Member

    I wear my wedding rings ALL the time unless I am on the tractor. I have two necklaces that only come off to be cleaned
  8. Morganfan608

    Morganfan608 New Member

    My deceased fathers' wedding band on my thumb, 3 small hoop earings and a cartilage piercing....when I was married, I wore my wedding ring w/an industrially designed, low profile setting that held the diamonds in place. A jeweler friend designed my wedding set w/my horse activities in mind, it wouldn't even snag on coolers. I had obnoxious horses smash my hand against the wall and it probably saved my ring finger from a good crushing/being broken several times. No necklaces...pearls just don't 'go' w/my barn cloths. ;D My earings sometimes come off while I'm dressing, the cartilage piercing, well, if I ever catch it on something, it won't be's usually very safe under my uber cool hat! ;D
  9. equusteacher

    equusteacher New Member

    I wear no jewelry on a daily basis except my belly bar. But that's hiddden behind clothes so I don't worry about it catching on anything.
    I've busted more necklaces while woring with horses that it's just not worth it to me.
    Rings and earrings get filthy and cruddy with dirt. Blech.

    I have jewelry I wear out and sometimes to work. but it's not a daily occurance.
  10. BUC

    BUC Administrator

    I wear a ring my BF gave me several years ago, that's about it. I have a gorgeous necklace he gave me too, but my hair wraps around it, so I don't wear it much. I had the same pair of earrings in for 8 years, little gold balls...until about 3-4 years ago when one caught on something and I lost the back while not at home, so I took the other out and haven't put any on since. Ok, I think I did wear a pair not to long ago for something, but they immediately came back out.
  11. Horsemommy47

    Horsemommy47 New Member

    I wear my jewlery all the time.

    My wedding ring is low profile so as not to catch..I asked for just a band for Christmas and did not get one so I get the point ;)

    I also wear my thumb ring on the oppostie hand.

    I wear three necklaces:

    1 was my Grandmother in laws and was left to me when she died..Cowboy hat charm

    1 was given to me by my mother before she passed and I was instructed to pass down to my daughter when it was time...Two hearts intertwined

    1 is a Amyristine stone with a horse pendant...the stone is for luck and tranquility and the horse was given to me by dh at Christmas.

    Earrings never come out: three in the left ear and two in the right (I should get them equalled out one of these

    One pair I was given 20 years ago as a birthday gift by my step-mother : Two horse heads and the other (Stirrup Irons) pair I got for Christmas this year from DH.
  12. JenR

    JenR Formerly Underworld Queen

    None, not even my wedding ring. Of course, not wearing my wedding ring may have a lot to do with getting too freaking fat and it not fitting right anymore :-

    I don't wear any jewelry while dealing with the critters -- human or otherwise.
  13. Shadow

    Shadow New Member

    I wear my wedding set..ALWAYS !!! earings daily for the most part..I like to change them favorites are Montana Silver disc's my hubby got for me.. I wear braclets, usually cuff..especially the silver on that came from out sister brought it back for me..and my "stretchy" one from my BFF with pix of my dog, my horse, symbols of who/what I am...LOVE IT TOO. I have never had an incident of jewerly getting caught on anything "horsey" ....grooming or riding... I guess I been lucky in that reguard
  14. poodlelover

    poodlelover Moderator

    I wear the same earrings almost all the time - diamonds given to me by an ex. I have a crappy $10 watch I wear to the barn. If it stops running I just get another cheap one.

    A few other things I wear when I go out but not much. I've always been alergic to nickel so can't wear the cheap stuff. I am not a cheap date. ;D
  15. whoaboy

    whoaboy Senior Member

    No rings, my hands swell and they get too tight during the day. On special occasions I put on my wedding ring. I do wear a necklace all the time, my horseshoe chain broke so until I get it fixed (3rd time), I am wearing my what I call, "what goes around comes around"necklace, which others refer to as the circle of life or something!
  16. Willie76

    Willie76 New Member

    I had a gold necklace that I wore every day. It had the aries constellation in diamonds, but I gave it to Bryan to wear. He wears it every day. This year for X-mas he got me a necklace with the tree of life pendant and I haven't taken it off since I got it. And won't for a long time.

    I wear my engagement ring every day. It's low profile so it doesn't get in my way. I wear my diamond earrings in all 5 holes when I horse show. :)