Look Out New Attack Goat in House!!!

Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by sandburs, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. sandburs

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    Ever wonder what it woul dbe like to have one of those cute cuddly things as a full time house member? Well, here is a good view of it. This is Twinkle, the little doe we are bottle raising, in the house. And yes that is a diaper and it works great. So far no accidents. YEAH!!! And she thinks she owns the couch, and has also tried to climb the Christmas tree a few times. Goats will definately still be goats even when treated like a kid. LOL. And that is the DD, her kitten, and my doxie male all helping her to play.

  2. pinp

    pinp New Member

    I love the parts where she jumps and misses the couch/table. ;D

    Mister Sir saaaaays.....


    he wants to be a house goat

  3. Sarah315

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    HAhahahahaha, that so great! YOu need those diapers for active "children". I love the cat outside watching the show!
  4. Tbitt

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    Which time?!?! :laugh:

    Actually, I'd call him the home demolisher! :eek: ;D

    Spunky little thing. :-*