Lost Border Collie - Roselle, Illinois

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    <<Crossposting>> I have a flyer with photo I can forward - I don't know how to post a .pdf.

    From: jamieleinss76@hotmail.com
    To: jamieleinss76@hotmail.com
    Subject: Lost Border Collie-Roselle, IL
    Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2010 10:10:22 -0600

    Dear Friends - Attached is a picture of a lost dog named Murphy. Please, if anyone has seen this dog, contact Sherie at 630-307-3709 or 630-965-7951. He is a black and white Border Collie and is very shy. Please pass this information on to anyone else in the area that may be able to locate him. Thank you for your help.

    Last seen in roselle crossing irving park road behind harris bank on Sunday afternoon. Previously was over by Mensching, Garden, Pine, trail around Waterberry School...