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    When the board crashed this was one of the threads that was lost, so I decided to repost it.

    It is with such a heavy heart that I sit here and type this...yesterday we had to put down my first "Equine" baby. I had decided to breed my beloved jumper to the Selle Francais stallion Olisco (ridden by Michael Matz), in the hopes of finding another incredible partnership....well along came "Reve". Reve, has always been known around the barn as such a prankster. I could tell a million stories...but I will share my favorite one. Reve was the type of horse that got into everything, and was quite fearless. We had been taking down some electric poly tape fencing, and were in the process of replacing it. A large piece of it had blown into his pasture that he shared with our small older (about 15.2 hands and 14 years old at the time)gelding. Reve being about 3 years old at the time and 17.3 hands, picked up a large piece of it. This very large majestic creature began to dance around the older/scared shitless gelding, encircling him over and over. I have never in all my years of owning horses, seen one "ribbon dance" so well. You could almost see and hear him laughing at the poor sucker in the middle!
    Reve had one of the kindest, sweetest temperament's you could ever want....and oh how he had his mother's eyes. There will forever be a hole in my heart...
    Reve, I love you and will miss you each and every day...
    Reve Born June 18th, 2000-November 2008
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    He is still very missed, but never forgotten.

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    Imzadi, I still remember the stories of him.

    I think he will be one of those once in a life time horses. Thanks for reposting your memories of him
    He was too young to go away. :'( :'(