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    Imagine my surprise when reading this article I find out that Cook County highway workers get to accumulate time off overtime (TOOT) and then use those hours when they on the same day call in sick, work a different shift and apply some TOOT time to get paid 18 hours on a day they call in sick. Here is an excerpt:

    On Feb. 1, for instance, three employees at the LaGrange Park garage worked seven hours overtime and also were paid sick or vacation time for their regular shift. Each of those workers was compensated for 18.5 hours that day.

    Here is the entire article.,CST-NWS-highway08.article

    Here is the paragraph that made me choke on my water.

    "How do you expect a guy to be on call 24 hours a day and not get any time off?" he said. "You can't just sit at home and wait for a call; that won't work. If you want to alleviate all these problems, pay everybody overtime."

    I can't tell you of all the times I was on call 24/7 and had to go into work at 2AM and then worked my regular shift....all for absolutely on OT. I was salary. My average work week was 60 hours the last 2 years I was employed. I used to joke I was the lowest paid per hour in my building. And yeah, I stayed near home when I was on call waiting to get a call or page to come into work. I wasn't the only one....pretty much everyone in my group did the same as did the other employees.

    I hope they close this loop hole. I have no problem paying people OT when they work but NOBODY should be able to use sick time or TOOT to steal from the tax payers.