My kitty almost died

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    Yesterday, at dinner time, Sam didn't come to her bowl. Sam NEVER misses a meal. I went looking for her and found her under our bed, looking a little under the weather. I wasn't too concerned at first because this happened once to her sister who bounced back after 24 hours.

    Later, we came home and I found her downstairs with stuff on her butt...mostly wet and mucousy, but no signs of diarrhea. Hubby said let's keep an eye on her and she what she does. Then he catches her in the box trying to go, but nothing coming out. And she was straining HARD to go potty. Then she started vomiting.

    I call the local Animal Emergency Clinic and they advised us to take her in. So I left at 1 a.m. to take her. I got to the clinic and they examined her. She had a kinda high temp (104). The doctor came in, couldn't really feel much, but said her bladder was empty or nearly empty, so probably not infection from a UTI.

    They took some xrays and didn't really find much. There was a couple of spots where it looked like hard fecal matter and then another spot that was "concerning" but it didn't appear to be any specific foreign body.

    They called me around 2:30 and said her white blood cell count was 39 (high normal range is 19). They were giving her fluids and watching her. She was declining quickly and they called us about 5 a.m. and said she had to have emergency exploratory surgery or she was going to have to be put down.

    We authorized the surgery.

    We picked her up at 8 a.m. to take her to our vet's for supportive care as the clinic isn't open during the day. They found a lump of very hard fecal matter and possibly a piece of string in her large intestine, but the doctor didn't think it the caused the blockage...she kept saying the fecal matter was hard that it was probably "stuck." They did something to break up the fecal matter so it would pass. They tried to extract it from the back end, but I don't think they got anything. They also checked her stomach and small intestine (surgically) and that was OK. They did biopsy a strange looking tumor near a lymph node, but the doc didn't think it looked cancerous. It will probably be a few days before it comes back from the lab.

    They haven't found any obvious or specific reason for Sam's high white blood cell (WBC) count. She's at my vet's getting care, but I'm still worried. I'm trying not to be the paranoid Mom who calls every 5 minutes and hubby just saw her and said she's awake, but unhappy because she's caged near dogs.

    Any ideas for the high WBC without obvious causes?

    Sam's only 3.5 years old and hasn't ever had any problems aside from being a little fattie girl and having one UTI.

    Sam (on left) with her beloved Monster cat

    We have 6 cats in total and they are all very aware that something is wrong. :'(
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    I hope Sam gets well very soon. Cute cats.

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    Oh no! Sending get well wishes to you kitty.
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    So wait, they had to do exploratory surgery or she had to be euthanized... and they did the surgery but still didn't find anything? I don't understand the logic here. Why did they think she was going to die? Has the fecal matter passed? Did they feel like all her lymph nodes were normal sized?

    I hope kitty feels better soon... hopefully this is a fluke thing!
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    Hope kitty is feeling better today! I just hate it when the animals are sick - you feel so helpless and at the mercy of whatever the vet says!!
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    She was in an incredible amount of pain. She had a high temperature and high white blood cell count, both indicating a raging infection. She continued to have pain and vomit even despite the pain medication and anti-emetic. They assumed there was a foreign body causing the blockage and that with her pain, continued vomiting, fever, a high WBC; she was at risk of perforating an intestine, becoming septic and therefore dying. They recommended if we weren't going to do surgery then we should put her down to ease her pain.

    No, they didn't find an FB except the hard fecal matter that was "stuck." The tumor didn't appear cancerous to the DVM, but they had took a sample for biopsy because a cancerous tumor could explain the high WBC. She didn't say anything about the other lymph nodes being unusual, but I didn't necessarily ask.

    It was exploratory surgery because they didn't know what, if anything, they would find. I've talked to one of the vets at the clinic who said hard poop can be enough to stop them up. Also, that sometimes, just cutting them open seems to relieve the problem. There isn't really a reason why, but she said it has worked.

    She finally pooped sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning. I have called the AEC almost everyday for one thing or another and they said this was normal. Between the pain meds, anesthetic, lack of appetite; the clinic said it was normal for it to take so long for her to poop.

    She's doing well now, thanks for everyone's concerns.