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    I'm not but I like his response

    Dale Earnhardt Jr. unleashes profanity-filled response to NASCAR track promoters
    posted by Matt Humphrey on Feb 5, 2009 12:22:14 PM
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    The headline from this NASCAR media day will be Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s profanity-laced response to NASCAR track owners who've asked drivers to do more.

    Here is what Junior said.

    (My apologies, to everyone: I was told to by my superiors to strip out the full s#*@)

    "S#@! we were in Daytona and I read off 20 damn scripts about selling tickets. I don't know. They have to take responsibility for themselves. I was thinking the other day they could build their own hotels that way they could bring the hotel prices down and control the prices in the region and make a little bit of money.

    "People aren't (not) coming to the racetrack because drivers don't give a s#@!. People aren't coming to the race track because it's expensive to do it. Drivers do pitch in and drivers go that extra mile and we're willing to do more. It's very easy to sit down and shoot a damn 30 second commercial. It's a piece of cake these days. I can do it at home. We got that NASCAR bake sale. We can do live teleconferences for a f#@!ing hour, whatever they want. So, you know, we can push all we can push, but they can't expect people to come out and spend that kind of money in this economy."

    Junior has a point, because this is what I'm hearing most from NASCAR fans in recent days. After I posted his earlier Sports Illustrated shot at NASCAR track promoters this weekend, fans have rallied around Junior's cause, calling for lower hotel costs, ticket prices, etc.

    And regardless of what you think about his choice of words, he is NASCAR's defacto working-class hero a role his late father played and took to the bank.

    Now Junior is hoping the sport that's made him a multi-millionaire doesn't break the bank of ordinary NASCAR fans.
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    Geesh if he was at an actual race it would cost him about a million in fines for thoose. tee hee
    but GOOD for him. I hope ears were open and the owners listen to him.

    Go MIKEY and JR

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    I'm gonna marry him someday, he just don't know it yet. Him or Carl Edwards... >:D

    Good for him putting his foot down.

    Joliet's not bad because we just drive home each night and they don't charge for parking. Bristol wasn't bad BUT we did stay almost two hours away in Knoxville and had to pay $20 a day for parking, and the attendants where jerks. Buddy of mine stayed in a KOA campground that keeps sites to the side for last minute rentals for $40 for the weekend, with SHOWERS! Yea, we're soo doing that next year.