New Head of the EPA Regulatory committe?

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    I was sent this by a friend, and have been doing a wee bit of reading:

    Obama's new EPA regulator is a person who has been on the periphery of socialist organizations (think: social justice programs, "green" taxes for agriculture, more taxation of land inheritence, carbon credits -- cap and trade, etc.) but also is very pro-animal rights activism.

    So pro-animal rights agenda will be supported at the federal level which promotes the outlawing of hunting, the ability of individual animals to file lawsuits against people (special council would be retained for the animal in question), and the consumption of meat would if not be phased out, at the very least seriously curtailed. The pet and animals in sport industries would also have to be seriously curtailed and subject to more taxes, fines, and inspections.

    Can we all guess where that leaves people who own horses? Or breed, train, show, race, work with them? Can we guess where this leaves anyone who owns animals, either as pets or for work or food?