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  1. Nearly 30 starving horses found on Pennsylvania farm


    By APTom Kletch, 28, of Cannonsburg, Pa., tries to comfort a horse at an abandoned farm in North Franklin Township, outside Washington, Pa., on Tuesday , Feb. 24, 2009. Local Humane Society officers and volunteers found more than 20 horses in various forms of neglect including several already dead. (AP Photo/Tribune-Review, Justin Merriman)
    By AP
    Wed Feb 25, 2009, 11:05 AM CST


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    Washington, Pa. -
    Humane Society officials say they have found several frozen horse carcasses and more than two dozen starving horses on a western Pennsylvania farm.

    Washington Area Humane Society Officer Matt Walsh says the farm's owner faces animal cruelty charges. Authorities haven't identified the South Franklin farm owner. They say he abandoned the farm about 20 miles south of Pittsburgh.

    Walsh says officers have a court warrant to take possession of nearly 30 horses after getting several calls about their condition.

    Authorities were trying to gather hay to feed the horses Wednesday.

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    That can't be true Palomino because aren't WE BEING TOLD THERE ARE NO UNWANTED HORSES. urghhhhh?????What assholes