Nice to meet you guys!

Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by MyTeDun, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. MyTeDun

    MyTeDun Senior Member

    Attended the service for Jeans husband last night in Steger and met several board members---

    I have to say Jean is a remarkable lady who I am very honored to know and to call a friend!

    Its always nice to put a face to the names and it was great being able to sit down and visit. I just wish it was under different circumstances.

    Cbaut(Christine)--- Your little girl is gorgeous, she is going to be a beauty!
    Lets see, who else------ Angien(Angie) and Find8(Felicia)

    I know there were more of us there but it just wasn't the right time.

    Angie-- I want to remind you about the pony for my little buddy. Please see what you can come up with

    Wish we all lived closer. The ride home went much faster~
  2. CBaut

    CBaut New Member

    It was great to meet you and Linda, too! Thanks for the compliment on Cora! She's such a good baby....we are blessed with her!

    We definitely have to get together come spring!

  3. MyTeDun

    MyTeDun Senior Member

    I completely forgot to mention Linda (Horsedreamin), she came along to keep my company and on the right track last night. Thank god for Linda!!! I can count on her to get me places~

    Yes, we have to plan something for next spring. Would be nice to get together----Just think Cora will be walking by then.
  4. jeanw8

    jeanw8 Guest

    Thank you all for being there!
    Barb, you are my sister from another life, I relied on you so much this past year as someone who truly HAS "been there". You and Linda drove such a long way! I'll do the drive net time and we'll have some quality time together!
    Angie, Deter and the horses thank you for the catering service! It was so nce to come home after a long day and be able to sink into bed instead of changing clothes and heading outside.
    Christine, that is a gorgeous baby!
    As always, jjones, you are my rock! I love you like a sister!
    Felice, I always know you're around and I will be in to talk to you about a job ina few weeks!
    I am so blessed with good people around me, it makes me feel good all over to see how many people have followed my story this year and offered help and encouragement. You are all near and dear to my heart, and I apologize if I missed anybody's name above, parts of that day are a blur.....
    Much love to you all!
  5. horsedreamin

    horsedreamin Active Member

    Jean -- it was a privilege to be able to come and extend my condolences to you in person. I knew it was very important to Barb, too, and was more than happy to make the trip with her, as she had gone through the very same thing you did.

    It was nice to meet everyone else, too, and put names with faces, except for the circumstances.

    Cora is one happy little girl. Most would have been crying if they were tired, but she just yawned. What an absolute doll she is. :)

  6. kelly

    kelly New Member

    jean you are such a strong woman,through this last year you have continued to make us laugh ,call us with simple words to help us through when trouble or tragedy hit ,got us in to trouble with hubby's by talking us into horses we really didn't need lol.(Houston and Vegas ).Jean i only hope that if i ever hit times as hard as you have in the last year that i can be as strong as you have been. keep smiling and know that if you need anything you can call.
  7. Angien

    Angien New Member

    Yes It was nice to meet Linda and Barb!
    Barb, I have not forgotten..I need to get out to her farm and really be picky for you!!! ;)

    Jean is an amazing woman. I am glad God had our paths cross.
  8. horselessnolonger

    horselessnolonger New Member

    I must have missed you all.

    Jean is a remarkable person. Truely someone that I am proud to call a friend.