Non-Horse People -- Ya Just Gotta Love 'Em!

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    I work in a very small office with only one attorney and one other secretary. She's really a sweet person, but sometimes I do wonder about her.

    It started off yesterday with her announcing she wanted a horse. She has NEVER EVER ridden a horse in her life. She's also the same one that bought night-lights for the two cats we have in the office (scratching head on that one.)

    So, she then says she knows where there's a free horse, at which point I tell her I could get her a lot of free horses. Asked her what kind and this is how it went:

    "I think it's a Per... Perch...I'm not sure"

    I said: "Percheron?" (My eyes went about as big as saucers.)

    Her: "Yeah, that's it! She's two years old."

    My mouth now opened along with my eyes. I asked: "What would you do with a Percheron?"

    Her: "Ride it."

    I started laughing and said "I don't think so." I explained that they could be ridden if trained, but mostly they are a driving horse. At that point, I got a picture down of my boss in front of a Percheron holding a blue ribbon. She asked how she got up there, and I pointed out the harness and no saddle. She said: "Oh."

    Me: "And where would you keep it?"

    Her: "I thought I could keep it at your house."

    I started laughing hysterically! "I DON'T THINK SO!"

    I tried to explain how big that horse would be at which point she asked how she would get on it. I tried to let her know what was probably REALLY going on, such as it's NOT TRAINED OR has something really wrong with it, either personality or perhaps physically. No way to really know at this point, but don't trust anything they're saying.

    I also tried to explain that I didn't want a 1,500 lb. horse that probably wasn't trained and that my stalls and property were not big enough. Then she suggested our boss' house (she has nine there -- five of her own.) I explained they were outside 24/7/365. She didn't like that idea and would be worried the horse would get cold.

    We then sat down and had a LONG talk about horses and that she should start with some basic lessons. When she found out what board would be, she said she didn't have that kind of money.


    I'm still laughing.
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    I would have to say you are finally one up on her Linda!

    Of all things, a Percheron????? OMG----------------I can just visualize Keiths face if you told him you were going to board
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    I know a lady..
    who was 60 years old and wanted to buy her first horse. (s)

    As a child she read the Walter Farley books and was bound and determined to
    own a black arabian stallion and buy some mares and start breeding.

    She was about to close the deal on an arab stallion, when another friend and I talked to the owner.. and explained a few things about this lady and her experiences with horses (none!)

    since the stallion deal fell through..
    she went on line to look at arabs for sale.

    found a seller who was selling an older retired show gelding..
    and a young show mare.

    She would not listen to those of us with a bit more experience that herself..
    and bought the two arabs. Paid to have them shipped to her.

    the mare was a spaztic screwball that she could never ride and could barely touch. The gelding was so lame she couldnt ride him, and when his lameness became so bad he could barely walk..

    she just didnt have the hear to put him down..
    so he spent many years .. in extreme pain when he was on his feet.