OMG They were AWSOME

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    My daughter and I left friday afternoon to follow my co-worker and her daughter
    home to Janesville, WI. On sat we got up and headed for Madison. Spent the day
    wondering around to the diffrent shops and malls, then headed to the KOHL center.

    Jessica Simpson I wasn't really impressed with. They took a break and got set up for
    Rascal Flatts. The stage was a huge square took up almost the entire floor of the
    center. The VIP ticket people got to stand in the center of the square (good for them)
    When Rascal Flatts came on, it was amazing The light show was fantastic. I am really
    hoarse but it was well worth it.

    I have been to a lot of concerts but I have to say this one was by far the best
    that I have EVER been too. We had such a great time.