PC is BS

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    I'm a little apphauled at this report:


    Prince Harry is apologizing for things he said while serving in his country's armed services.

    Ya, we need all our solders to be PC, that way when they are defending our country, from people who want to KILL us. Let's make sure they don't offend any of the over the top Human rights people!

    Oh, My GAWD! These people make me want to PUKE!

    This kid is in the military for pete's sake. For him not to get totally picked on, for being the "prince", he needs to fit in! Give me a BREAK! Can you imaging being shoulder to shoulder with a person who doesn't trust you or who you don't trust your live with?

    Evidently we have no "enemies" and we need to make sure that we totally love everyone and don't offend them......we need to remember that they are feeling sensitive people, and we must forgive and love them.....right after they walk into a crowded area and blow us up.

    I'm sorry, when my son goes overseas I hope he realizes that these people want to kill him. And I hope he thinks of them accordingly, and not want to go had them flowers.........