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    [Also posted on IHO. Excuse the duplication]

    I was involved in a rescue mission last Friday in which we were supposed to catch an abandoned llama. Very long story, but there were actually two llamas - one was dead (frozen/starved), and the 2nd was running loose, but staying close to its unfortunate friend.

    A large group of us went out and caught the llama, who is now at Settler's Pond in Beecher.

    Pembrook Township is one of the poorest areas in Illinois. There were dogs running everywhere. One of the places looked very much like a dog-fighting operation - there were a number of dogs houses in back, spaced about 100 feet apart, with chained pit bulls that looked to have been recently fought. The gal that runs the rescue was allowed to look around, yet there was no hard evidence of fighting at the location....just looked like a place where the dogs are kept. She saw a dog missing an ear, one with it's eye swollen shut, and another with it's snout so swollen it could barely breath.

    From what I understand, K3 Animal Contrl has pretty much given up on this area, and will not even go out there.

    Soooo, to shorten the story, we went to save a llama, and came back with a llama and 5 dogs. 2 adult females, and 3 puppies. The puppies have mange and are loaded with worms. They were so dehydrated they wouldn't have made it another day of two. There were actually 4 puppies, but there was a couple there that had been feeding the strays that insisted on keeping one of them. I doubt they will seek veterinary care, and I am very afraid for the one left behind The puppies mother also has mange, and is being held at Forest South Animal Hospital - we need to find a place for her, as the rescue cannot afford board for very long. The second adult dog was another female, so friendly and happy. She looks to be a pit mix, or perhaps lab/mastiff. A beautiful fawn color with black points. She's in a foster (someone on IHO, in fact - THANK YOU!) , and I have pictures in my camera that I haven't downloaded yet.

    Here are pictures of the pups.

    Here's a link to the album.

    I came here to share the story, but a small plug for Almost Home Animal Resuce, if anyone can help, it certainly would be appreciated. This is a SMALL rescue that gets very little in the way of donations, and has no room for more dogs, but just couldn't leave these pups behind.
    Fostering and adoptive homes are always needed, too
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    Awww you can see the mange. Their little faces are a bit swollen.

    Good for you for helping!

    I sure hope they find a foster for her!

    Good job!

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    Sounds like a nasty area. Glad you were able to help the dogs and pups that you could. :)

    Hope they all find good homes soon.
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    some people rock and some really suck llama butt
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    Not too far. I had also found an article in which George Ryan had pledged to do something.

    Not only is the area poor, it is infested with crime. I heard a rumor that thIS is where criminals from Chicago hide when they need to "get away"

    I was a smidge nervous being there, but there were a bunch of us and it was during the day. Just figured they wouldn't bother a bunch of people trying to herd a llama.

    The way this whole situation came to light, Jaime from the rescue works with a lady, whose husband knows a guy who trims trees for Asplund , which is a Com Ed contractor. They were out there cleaning up the downed branches from the recent ice storms, and this man spotted the dead llama. Going door to door trying to figure out who owned the llamas was an adventure. The house with the pit bulls said it "was" their llama, but it was sold, and when the buyer didn't pick it up, they just turned it loose. Says the dead one was hit by a car. Another story, it was shot. However, it was chained to a tree. UNBELIEVABLE.
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    Oh my goodness! That is just sad.

    Good job to you guys for tracking this down and helping these poor animals!

    :-* to you all!!!!
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    I work in Kankakee. It's actually Pembroke, not Pembrook, although it is pronounced that way. It is an extremely poverty stricken area. I have never seen anything like it in my life. Most homes (I use that term loosely,) aren't fit for animals to live in let alone people. It is very sad.
    Glad you could help those poor animals out!