Plane down in the Hudson

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  1. snaffle

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    Turn your tv's on...
    amazing rescue going on right now
  2. alljackedup

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    OMG, how awful. All I can see i the tail sticking up ut of the water.

    Prayers out for all of those passengers and crew.

  3. alljackedup

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    Okay, I see the rest of the plane now. I can't believe that it's still floating.
  4. Shell

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    Wow! all passengers were rescued!
  5. TwistedWire

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  6. snaffle

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    The newscasters are calling this a miracle.

    Pilot is a hero, he skillfully set the plane down in the Hudson river and all lives have been saved.

    Reports are saying it was a bird strike.
  7. snaffle

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    From the US Airways blog:

    God was listening
  8. MyTeDun

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    155 people are alive tonight due to a very experienced and calm pilot!

    The whole thing is amazing, I"m watching the news and just seeing those ferrys rushing over to get the passengers makes you remember that people really do give a damn about others.

    Amazing how everything came together and only took a few minutes to get everyone off that plane with only a few minor injuries. Even the infant is ok!!

    Saying it was a flock of geese hitting both engines

    Capt. Chesley Sullenberger---- Pilot- older, very gray hair----I betcha he is going to think about retiring after this!!!!!!!

    Thank you God for keeping these people alive~
  9. snaffle

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    Nightline carried a segment about the plane crash last night.

    What a miracle!

    One picture that was posted and I have not seen it online yet..

    shows a view from the front end of the plane.. with people standing on both wings... while the entire plane sits on top of the water.

    A very 'lonely' feeling for all of those people I am sure.
    Something tells me that photo will go down in history.

    All passengers had to remove their shoes (just in case they ended up in the water, shoes would weight them down)
    so those poor people were standing often up to their knees in that terrible frigid water until they were rescued.

    BUT they WERE rescued...

    I will be watching the TODAY show this morning... to see the interviews.
  10. Angellou

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    It great to see the emergency procedures work, kudos to that pilot!
  11. Mass

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    Miraculous! Kudos to the Pilot and all rescue personnel!
  12. cherokee

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    They had a passanger, and a few rescuer's on Larry King last night.
    Plus they are talking to a bunch on the morning shows this a.m.

    Kudos to the pilot. He did a fantastic job, he had all thoose lives in his hands and
    everyone survived. He was also the last to leave the plane. They also said
    he landed it in the river just as he would be landing it on a runway only
    he didn't put the gear down. Just skimmed it along the top of the water
    till it settled down. I am in aw of it still floating. the morning show
    said it has floated two miles down river from point of going in the water now
    they are trying to figure out how to get it out of the river.

    I have not heard of any interviews with the pilot yet, they have shown his picture alot
    IMO he looks like a man that is going to say "I was just doing my job" and not
    even think that he himself is the HERO of this. Yes the flight team did have to all work
    together but that pilot is the HERO.