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Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by Willie76, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. Willie76

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    I know it's aftershocks of the accident from Wednesday, but I'm having nightmares. Bad ones, that keep me awake, and I see them every time I close my eyes to sleep. I keep picturing how close we were and all the "what if's". What if Michelle hadn't noticed. What if I had gotten a wheelbarrow first, then turned him out, what if it had taken me 1 more minute to walk to Michelle's car when she picked me up....

    I know it will ease eventually, but I would like to be functional enough to coherently help with this rebuilding process. Aside from taking sleep aid, does anybody have anything that would help take my mind off things before I go to bed? Thanks.
  2. Mass

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    Rest had someone looking out for you and you are safe. Keep thinking about how fortunate you were and then try some sleepy time tea. A hot bath helps me too sometimes.

  3. AKPonygirl

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    This is what helps me... I have nightmares once a month (bitch aunt flo..) I have to focus on all the fun things that I can do... for you tho, I would lay in bed and think of all the great stuff that you can and will do now. Try very hard not to dwell on any of the bad parts.. try to focus on all the cool things that you will be able to do.. You will probably have bad dreams for awhile.. but, if at all possible, think of all the happy things.

    this is what helps me fall asleep.. it doesn't always keep the nightmares away.. but it does lessen them a lot... for me anyway..
  4. Horsemommy47

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    I had nightmares for a long time after I watched my mom pass away at the hospital.

    My Chiro. gave me some stuff called Sleep like a charm.

  5. MyTeDun

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    Stay away from any caffeine after about 6pm---- I have the same problem, no sleep. Mine is due to sitting here alone all the time and mind keeps going back to 8 yrs ago. I keep asking myself while crying my eyes out "what if" I had taken him to a different doctor, noticed something was wrong sooner. My late husband is always there when I'm alone.

    Please don't dwell on this---it will control you and you'll never sleep.
    I ended up getting an RX to put me out and another for an antidepressant---- That's not the way you want to go.

    You are safe, your horse is safe------------Terrible things happen but someone was definitely watching out for you.

    Say a prayer thanking your guardian angel. They are there especially when we truly need them.
    I"m not religious like many, I do say daily prayers at night but all the prayers in the world didn't keep my dad or husband alive, but believe me when I say there has been several instances over the years where I should have been hurt or alot worse.

    Take care and look forward to your new rebuilt barn~~ Keep taking pics as the work continues