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Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by Brilliance, Jan 5, 2009.

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    So my aunt got the wreath I sent her and she loved it. She is recovering from having her bilateral mastectomy. She just sent me an email and I had to share this bit with the rest of you.

    Hello everyone.

    Just a little update..........not the greatest news, but I am taking each day at a time.

    One of the drains has come more to go! I thought everything would look worse than what it does, but not that bad! I guess when you are small to begin with, it isn't as much of a shock as you would think.

    She is at least in good enough spirits to joke around.

    keep the prayers . . .voodoo. . . .and other stuff coming.
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    I remember when my Dad came out of surgery, just getting one or two of those tubs out is a big thing!

    Good for her. Glad she can find humor, because it is either that or ya cry.

    Here's to tons of laughter!!!!