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    1. I have a terrible fear of bridges over water (even boardwalks). I used to have to take my seatbelt off and roll down my window no matter what the weather before going over a bridge. Flying over the ocean, no problem, being in a boat, no problem, going on a cruise, no problem, bridges over land, no problem. Bridges over water - I used to just about pass out!

    2. I can't stand when someone touches me when I'm trying to sleep - yea, cuddle time is over - get away from me don't touch me LEAVE ME ALONE

    3. I talk to my mom at least once a day - most days up to 5 or 6 times.

    4. When I go on vacation I have to pack at least a week in advance and then all week long I pack and repack and repack, adding to my 10 lists that I wrote out almost a month in advance.

    5. I don't remember my dreams when I wake up but a couple months down the road something will happen and I'll remember that I dreamt the same thing a month or 2 before hand. (to the point where I can remember exactly which day I had the dream)
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    Bridges --ME TOO! When I was young we would drive to Penn and had to drive over an old ,long noisy bridge. I was so scared. I would hid under anything available :D They still make me unconfortable but its a little hard to shut my eyes when I'm driving.

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    I had a pal that was terrified of bridges -- her greatest fear was that one day she'd be driving over a bridge, and there would be big, road hogging semi next to her, crowding her closer and closer to the rail (that's a pretty scary thought, but what came next in her waking nightmare, that she'd look over and see the semi was driven by an alien, well that was the point when you had to say "X, you really did take way too much LSD back in the day").