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Discussion in 'The Corral' started by lori, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. lori

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    OK, so, I really thought we ought to use one of the bazillion trucks to drag the arena. DW said it would tear up the frame of the truck. (I also thought the tractor weighed less than the trucks, OH WELL. But I still don't believe him all the way.) Now... the arena drag was a big ass thing, 12' disc. Do you use something smaller with your Festiva?

    I worry about a tractor because I don't feel like I can spend $ on a nice one and I don't know how to be a tractor mechanic. I guess I could probably figure some shit out but... ugh, I don't see myself enjoying messing around with an old tractor. But I was also one of the people who didn't like the idea of horsekeeping without a tractor.

    BUC--how much do you think for a girly sized tractor that will be fairly dependable?
  2. Shadow

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    Check out the local dealer in your area...they usually have reasonably price used tractor that were traded in..I would wager a guess you could find a a tractor in good working order for around $ 3-6000...some come with bucket loaders..We have a JD 5200 w/loader, also purchased a 6 ft. bush hog..hubby hates the bush hog..had to buy a huge 14 ft wide batwing mower..he says it takes less time to mow..and it does, but it wern't cheap either... You can shop around and spend a little or spend alot...tell them you price range and see what they got..and ya got plenty of time to shop right now..if they ain't got what ya want right now..they got all winter to find it..and ask about a warranty ..they may provide one. Doesn't cost to look / ask.. Good Luck.

  3. whoaboy

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    Good luck on finding a tractor, we looked and looked and they sure do maintain their value, so we bought a new one for a few thousand more. than one that was 10 yrs old! That way we had the warrenty and got just what we wanted. We would have preferred to find a good used one, but be sure to check out the new prices before you look at the used ones, that way you have a comparable.
  4. Morganfan608

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    I was soooo glad my sperm donor decided we needed a tractor (I mowed everything w/a yazoo walk behind & dragged the arena w/my Explorer). Then he brought home a 40+ y.o. me, you 'learn' to talk nice to them and be a mechanic. When I got sick and the mowing was left to him he traded it in on a JD w/6' bush's like heaven on earth! I don't know how I did everything without it! Depending on your location and the tractor, you can find used equipment in the price range Shadow mentioned (3-6,000). There are lots of places out here (and near Snaffle) to shop for tractors.
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    Someday I will experience the ease of working with a tractor!

    Everything around here is done by hand with a wheelbarrel or use the JD lawntractor to haul a cart or drag the pens.

    A tractor would be heaven on earth!! Any age, any type would work for me~ Oh someday
  6. HorseFarm

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    I have an older '50's something tractor, that two winter ago decided to take a major :badassbuddy_com-crap:, took it to get "overhauled". The neighbor came that entire winter putting my round bales in for me. It worked out great for me as they would keep track of when it needed to be done and would do it a lot of the time while I was at work. About two weeks ago the tractor decided to take another :badassbuddy_com-crap:. Now instead of him doing my hay for me, I have been hauling his skid loader back n forth to get my round bales in. Today he came by and helped me put in the rounds parked the skid loader in my barn and took his trailer. Told me I couldn't be without a tractor and he would get by without it for a couple of weeks. ;D